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Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris: Possible Universe (Conduction 192)

Read "Possible Universe (Conduction 192)" reviewed by Mark Corroto

With the death of jazzman Lawrence D. “Butch" Morris in 2013, we close the book on one of the most idiosyncratic composers, improvisors, conductors ever to work in creative music. His musical trajectory from a 1970s free jazz cornetist to the originator of his trademark 'Conductions' has been the stuff of legends. Under his baton, he ...

Enzo Carpentieri Circular E-motion: Everywhere Is Here

Read "Everywhere Is Here" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Batterista tra i più versatili del jazz italiano contemporaneo, Enzo Carpentieri è attivo professionalmente dalla metà degli anni ottanta. S'è fatto le ossa accanto a Urbani, Odorici, Atti e accompagnando svariati protagonisti mainstream ma ha dimostrato ottime doti anche in contesti più avanzati come il Lunar Quartet di John Tchicai, col pianista Greg Burk e il bassista Marc ...


Sparkle + Andy Middleton: Playing Tricks

Read "Playing Tricks" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Jazz molto moderno, quello messo in scena dal trio Sparkle assieme all'"amico americano" Andy Middleton ed edito dalla giovane etichetta indipendente padovana Zerozerojazz. Su brani tutti originali, scorre nel corso del lavoro una lettura molto libera di atmosfere anche assai diverse tra loro: dalla narrazione multidimensionale di derivazione downtown newyorchese dell'iniziale “Bing Bang" al latin (ancorché decomposto e rimontato in nuova foggia) ...


Alberto Braida / Lisle Ellis / Fabrizio Spera: Di Terra

Read "Di Terra" reviewed by Florence Wetzel

Di Terra is an international trio composed of New York-based Canadian Lisle Ellis (bass) and Italians Alberto Braida (piano) and Fabrizio Spera (drums). Ellis, the group's senior member, has had an important role in the Canadian improvised music scene, and through the years he's played with Cecil Taylor, Paul Bley, Peter Brotzmann, and Marilyn Crispell, as ...


Matthew Shipp: Nu Bop

Read "Nu Bop" reviewed by Mark Corroto

First off, let’s silence the cries of ‘heretic’ and ‘sell-out.’ Sure Matthew Shipp’s latest disc aligns itself with DJ and club culture, but this is no compromise to smooth-fusion. We all know Matthew Shipp walks different streets than most musicians. His music is, and has always been, about the exploration of free principles at the crossroads ...


Matthew Shipp: Nu Bop

Read "Nu Bop" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Three decades ago, Herbie Hancock revolutionized the role of the piano by melding it with a textured funk groove. The popular result, Headhunters, opened a whole generation's worth of ears to the accessible new sound. And it exemplified a rule that jazz players everywhere have taken to heart: context is everything.

Matthew Shipp takes Hancock's lead ...