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Charlie Parker: Bird: The Complete Masters 1941-1954

Read "Bird: The Complete Masters 1941-1954" reviewed by Chris May

All roads lead back to Charlie Parker, and if ever a musician's recorded output is worth collecting in its entirety, it is his. Only Louis Armstrong's corpus of work is comparably important.

Much of Parker's output has been made available over various box sets, of which the three most comprehensive are the 8-CD The ...


The Minus One: Live in Pisa

Read "Live in Pisa" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il 20 agosto 2011 il trio The Minus One ha tenuto un concerto al Jazzwide - Argini & Margini di Pisa, che viene ora pubblicato in questo CD live, pubblicato da Punto rojo, costola editoriale del collettivo ferrarese El gallo rojo. Dietro a The Minus One ci sono i nomi del batterista Tommaso Cappellato, del bassista Stefano Senni ...


Massa Bon: Suede Fist, Iron Glove

Read "Suede Fist, Iron Glove" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Suede Fist, Iron Glove esce per El Punto Rojo, sotto etichetta di E lGallo Rojo, e ancora una volta conferma la qualità delle produzioni del giovane collettivo: buon sangue non mente! Due tra i migliori improvvisatori in circolazione, Simone Massaron e Piero Bittolo Bon, s'incontrano e, grazie a una tecnica strumentale che consente loro di vagare in territori sonori ...


Nesso G: Nesso G

Read "Nesso G" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Nata da un costola del collettivo El Gallo Rojo, l'etichetta Punto Rojo ha già pubblicato alcuni titoli interessanti e quest'ultimo lavoro conferma, se non supera, i livelli qualitativi espressi. Nesso G è un quartetto con alcuni nomi di punta del nuovo jazz italiano: i sassofonisti tenore Francesco Bigoni e Michele Polga, il contrabbassista Danilo Gallo e il batterista Tommaso Cappellato. Il ...


Bojan Z Tetraband: Humus

Read "Humus" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Humus is the first album from the Bojan Z Tetraband and it's as intriguing as might be expected from such an original and inspired set of musicians. Led by keyboard player Bojan Zulfikarpasic--born in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia and now resident in France--the band is tight, energetic and powerful despite the fact that the lineup ...


Bojan Z Tetraband: Humus

Read "Humus" reviewed by Chris May

The rocket fuelled, electro-acoustic Tetraband quartet began life as a trio pianist Bojan Zulfikarpasic formed with drummer Sebastian Rochford and electric bassist Ruth Goller in 2007. Paris-based Z grew up in what was then Yugoslavia, and the Balkans' dance rhythms have long been a feature of his playing. On tour in Europe, Rochford and Goller, both ...


The Diamond Five: Brilliant!

Read "Brilliant!" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Why some artists achieve the recognition they deserve while other equally talented ones don't depends on many things. But one thing is clear, that obscurity does not always mean lack of talent. Regardless, it is always a pleasure to discover little known but immensely gifted musicians and it is really a great pleasure to hear the ...


Rachid Taha: Diwan 2

Read "Rachid Taha: Diwan 2" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Rachid Taha

Diwan 2

Universal Music France


It is tempting to view Diwan 2 as a “roots" album: there is a preponderance of covers of older material, and the instrumentation leans substantially less on distorted electric guitar than did Rachid Taha's last album, the phenomenal Tékitoi (Wrasse, 2004). As on ...


Ismael Lo: Senegal

Read "Senegal" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

For every world music enthusiast who celebrates musical cross-pollination, there's a naysayer bemoaning the risk that the mix will only produce a watered-down lowest common denominator. Of course the enthusiasts have lots of support for their position: Youssou N'Dour's Egypt (Nonesuch, 2004) masterfully combined Senegalese mbalax and Arabic classical music, while Thione Seck's Orientation (Stern's Africa, ...


Bill Coleman: The Complete Philips Recordings

Read "The Complete Philips Recordings" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Trumpeter Bill Coleman (1904-81) played in a host of orchestras (led by Benny Carter, Teddy Wilson, Luis Russell and Don Redman) in the 1930s, with the same vibrato and finesse as his contemporary, Buck Clayton, but not quite the same bravura and vocabulary. To make an analogy using trumpeters from another jazz era, Coleman is to ...