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Chris Welcome: Beyond All Things

Read "Beyond All Things" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Saxophonist Stephen Gauci has begun to document some of the weekly concerts he curates at the Bushwick Public House in Brooklyn, New York. Although brief, this session of a single, 29-minute track packs a satisfying punch to the solar plexus. Led by guitarist Chris Welcome (of the Lisa Mezzacappa Trio, David McDonnell Group and Weasel Walter), ...


Dave McDonnell Group: The Dragon & the Griffin

Read "The Dragon & the Griffin" reviewed by Stefano Merighi

Chicagoano ma attivo a Cincinnati, Dave McDonnell è sassofonista jazz, insegnante di musica e tecnologia, inventore di software, protagonista in diversi gruppi tra cui Herculaneum. Il gruppo in questione coinvolge nomi ben noti della attuale scena di Chicago, tra cui Joshua Abrams e Frank Rosaly, poderosa sezione ritmica che in questo caso garantisce solidità a una ...

New York's New Music And Arts Series M.A.K.

Read "New York's New Music And Arts Series M.A.K." reviewed by AAJ Staff

New York City has a brilliant new arts foundation, and a related music series. Nikka Arts is a music and arts foundation, founded by New York singer and composer Lola Danza and her business partner JB, of The organization aims to provide a space where musicians and artists can present their creative work, and also ...


XFest 2010: Real Time Together

Read "XFest 2010: Real Time Together" reviewed by Gordon Marshall

Various Artists
XFest 2010
119 Gallery, Lowell, Mass.
February 26-28, 2010

Call it XFest. Curated by musician Walter Wright and held annually at his 119 Gallery in Lowell, Mass, the pace of it couldn't be closer or faster. Within its three days of rapid-fire sets, musicians who have never played ...


Chris Welcome / Shayna Dulberger Twofer: Refrain & The Push-Pull Quartet

Read "Chris Welcome / Shayna Dulberger Twofer: Refrain & The Push-Pull Quartet" reviewed by John Sharpe

Chris Welcome
Empty Room Music

The Push-Pull Quartet
At the Stroke of Twelve
Tigerasylum Records

Brooklyn shows some similarities with the fertile Chicago scene ...


Kirk Knuffke / Federico Ughi / Chris Welcome: Garden Of Gifts

Read "Garden Of Gifts" reviewed by Mark Corroto

There are no signposts to direct towards great free improvisation recordings, because there are no scenic overlooks where it's possible to pull over and take a snapshot or buy a postcard before heading to the next tourist attraction. To take in a recording such as Garden Of Gifts, it's necessary to stand back and take in ...

Chris Welcome: Quartet

Read "Quartet" reviewed by Terrell Kent Holmes

The eleven tracks here seem to be painted as much as played and the music is sometimes about effects as much as notes. The sequential numbering of these spare compositions, all penned by guitarist/ leader Chris Welcome, recalls the method of numbering paintings in a series, thus underscoring the artistic parallel.

The songs revolve ...


Chris Welcome / Shayna Dulberger / John McLellan: Wound Unwound and Within

Read "Wound Unwound and Within" reviewed by Ty Cumbie

Talented musicians seem to arrive in New York by the busload every day. In fact, the music schools, local and otherwise, are churning them out yearly and depositing them unceremoniously onto the mean streets of this city, where they compete for scanty gigs and elusive attention. Two recent arrivals, bassist Shayna Dulberger and guitarist/cellist Chris Welcome, ...