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Dave Douglas Quintet: Brazen Heart

Read "Brazen Heart" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Leading a quintet whose debut recording, Be Still (Greenleaf Music, 2012) was an elegiac song cycle dedicated to his late mother, Dave Douglas' Brazen Heart, sadly, finds the trumpeter / composer in mourning once again. Damon Douglas, Dave's brother, passed away in June 2015. Yet, the overall tenor of Brazen Heart is completely different than Be ...


Dave Douglas Quintet: Brazen Heart

Read "Brazen Heart" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

L'attuale Dave Douglas Quintet prese forma nel 2012 con l'album Be Still, registrato per commemorare la scomparsa della madre del leader e incentrato su sei folk song eseguite durante la cerimonia funebre. Nel 2013 fece seguito Time Travel, album dai connotati più tipicamente jazzistici, seppur, come nello stile di Douglas, sempre avventuroso. Sulla stessa lunghezza d'onda ...


Dave Douglas Quintet: Time Travel

Read "Time Travel" reviewed by Troy Collins

Time Travel is the follow-up to 2012's Be Still, the critically acclaimed debut of trumpeter Dave Douglas' new Quintet. Since co-founding Greenleaf Records with label manager Michael Friedman in 2005, Douglas has issued a number of eclectic projects on the imprint, but few have been as surprising as last year's release, which featured folk singer Aoife ...


Dave Douglas Quintet: Live at the Jazz Standard

Read "Live at the Jazz Standard" reviewed by John Kelman

Trumpeter Dave Douglas' a six-night run at New York's Jazz Standard in December, 2006, was relatively revolutionary in the jazz world. Every set, featuring his longstanding quintet, was recorded and made available the following morning in downloadable MP3 format. The twelve sets included nearly everything from The Infinite (RCA, 2002), Strange Liberation (RCA, 2003) and Meaning ...


Dave Douglas at Zanzibar Blue

Read "Dave Douglas at Zanzibar Blue" reviewed by Victor L. Schermer

Dave Douglas Quintet
Zanzibar Blue
Philadelphia, PA
January 26-27

As I walked along Broad Street to Zanzibar Blue, I passed the Academy of Music, where some Mummers were tuning up, and went by a huge tent and some media trucks that were set up for the 105th Anniversary celebration ...

Dave Douglas Quintet: Meaning & Mystery

Read "Dave Douglas Quintet: Meaning & Mystery" reviewed by John Kelman

Dave Douglas Quintet
Meaning & Mystery
Greenleaf Music

Some artists use a revolving door policy to inspire them to take their music to new places. Others prefer to hone their sound with a constant group setting, letting time create the kind of shared trust that permits each member of ...