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Aaron Irwin Quartet: A Room Forever

Read "A Room Forever" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Quartetto dall'approccio molto cameristico questo messo assieme dal clarinettista e compositore statunitense, oggi di stanza a New York. Un camerismo che viene esaltato da un lato dalla formazione, priva di batteria, e dall'altro dalle ispirazioni extramusicali delle composizioni, che fanno riferimento ai racconti dello scrittore statunitense Breece D'J Pancake, morto suicida nel 1979 a soli ventisette ...


Aaron Irwin Quartet: A Room Forever

Read "A Room Forever" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Reedman Aaron Irwin is a very ambitious composer and on his latest, A Room Forever, shows how to plumb emotional depths with subtlety and grace. The inspiration for this music is the short stories by Breece Dexter John Pancake, sometimes written Breece D'J Pancake, the spelling of which comes from a typo ...


Robert Sabin: Humanity Part II

Read "Humanity Part II" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Although Humanity Part II, the oracular title of bassist Robert Sabin's new album, may summon images of a Mel Brooks parody (Part I must have slipped past us), the music itself is decidedly serious. In the liner notes, wherein he references Albert Camus, Ennio Morricone, John Carpenter, Ingmar Bergman, Maurice Ravel and Dario Argento, Sabin makes ...

Danny Fox Trio: Wide Eyed

Read "Danny Fox Trio: Wide Eyed" reviewed by Dave Wayne

So many jazz piano trios, so little time! With Wide Eyed, the Danny Fox Trio proves very definitively that they are worthy of your attention. Fox' wickedly humorous, tightly-conceived, multi- stylistic compositions and his trio's remarkably sensitive interplay are completely attention-grabbing. One listen was enough to make me a believer. Like a lot of the more ...

Vicious World: Vicious World Plays The Music of Rufus Wainwright

Read "Vicious World Plays The Music of Rufus Wainwright" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Rufus Wainwright is one of those musicians whose work straddles several different musical genres--pop, rock, Broadway, and folk music all figure prominently into his oeuvre. While not a jazz artist by any stretch, Wainwright's music is certainly sophisticated and multilayered enough to withstand instrumental reinvention by modern jazz artists. Even without vocals, Wainwright's artistry literally thrives ...


Vicious World: Plays the Music of Rufus Wainwright

Read "Plays the Music of Rufus Wainwright" reviewed by Andrew J. Sammut

Vicious World might have a field day on its tribute to the music of Rufus Wainwright, except the tunes are rarely that lighthearted. Let's just say the septet is moved to musical tears by the singer/songwriter's earnest melodies and bittersweet harmonies. Even that's putting it mildly. Anxious strings introduce Aaron Irwin's alto sax ...

Fresh Sound New Talent: Truth in Advertising

Read "Fresh Sound New Talent: Truth in Advertising" reviewed by J Hunter

Operating in an era dominated by contradictory product names (i.e. Jumbo Shrimp, Clear Skies Initiative), Fresh Sound New Talent delivers exactly what it advertises--the CD equivalent of showcase gigs for up and coming musicians--and leaves a the future in the hands of the players and the free market. With that in mind, here are four FSNT ...


Recent Listening: Aaron Irwin

Recent Listening: Aaron Irwin

Aaron Irwin Group, Blood and Thunder (Fresh Sound New Talent). In a tray card photograph, we see the 30-year-old alto saxophonist drinking a glass of milk and looking about eighteen. Irwin's compositions and arrangements have a concomitant freshness about them, and resourcefulness. His writing tends to make his quintet sound bigger. There is no piano; Ben ...


Aaron Irwin Group: Blood and Thunder

Read "Blood and Thunder" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

I musicisti coinvolti in questa incisione, in particolar modo gli ormai affermati Chris Cheek e Ben Monder e il meno noto Aaron Irwin, oltre a essere stati lanciati a livello internazionale dalla Fresh Sound/New Talent, vantano con la label catalana una lunga frequentazione testimoniata da numerose incisioni. E’ logico quindi che Blood and Thunder si inserisca ...


Aaron Irwin: Blood and Thunder

Read "Blood and Thunder" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Blood and Thunder sounds like a title that Bob Dylan would give to one of his albums--a mixture of Blood on the Tracks (Columbia Records, 1975) and “Thunder on the Mountain," the opening cut on Modern Times (Columbia Records, 2006). But alto saxophonist Aaron Irwin--thirty years old, bespectacled and white shirt-and-tied in the mode of early ...


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