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The Oster Welker Jazz Alliance: Shining Hour

Read "Shining Hour" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

San-Francisco-based Jeff Oster has one of those happy-sounding voices that make you feel happy, too. Even a depressing kind of song like “Sophisticated Lady" leaves the impression that, after all of that “smoking-drinking-never-thinking-of-tomorrow" stuff, everything will turn out okay. But it isn't until Oster scats that you really submit to his affable sound and just want ...


Mark Murphy: Inside the Mystery

Read "Mark Murphy: Inside the Mystery" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

Beyond its stylistic differentiators, jazz contains what vocalist Mark Murphy calls “a wonderful mystery," a mystery that was fostered in small, regional clubs around the US during the '30s-40s, when Murphy was developing the distinctive vocal style that launched his decades-long career.

"I've seen this mysterious quality of jazz set rooms on fire," Murphy attests. ...

Tessa Souter: Nights of Key Largo

Read "Nights of Key Largo" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

Tessa Souter excels at creating mood and on her new CD, Nights of Key Largo, that mood is one of a relaxed intimacy: She never strains to emote, never pushes a note, never rushes a phrase. Her material--13 songs about moonlight, sand and romance--lends itself to this kind of laid-back treatment, reminding the listener that there ...


Max Raabe: Heute Nacht Oder Nie

Read "Heute Nacht Oder Nie" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

In November 2007 German singer Max Raabe performed at Carnegie Hall with the Palast Orchester, presenting a half-English, half-German program of songs from the golden years of Weimar Germany. The resulting recording--Heute Nacht Oder Nie (Tonight Or Never)--has spurred a flurry of activity both in the States and abroad, and Raabe has been on the road ...


The Jazz Singers: The Ultimate Guide

Read "The Jazz Singers: The Ultimate Guide" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

The Jazz Singers: The Ultimate Guide
Scott Yanow
Paperback; 264 pages
ISBN: 0879308257
Backbeat Books

Gosh, there are a heck of a lot of jazz singers out there. More than 700 at least, according to Scott Yanow, who takes on the daunting task ...


Deborah Latz: Lifeline

Read "Lifeline" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

Deborah Latz is a bold singer with a strong sense of her own musical identity. So sure-footed is she that it's hard to imagine her needing a lifeline--she's more the type to throw one to the sinking. Lifeline does just that--the 14 tunes pull the listener into Latz's fast-moving ship as it skims across her repertoire ...


Litchfield Jazz Fest 2008

Read "Litchfield Jazz Fest 2008" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

Litchfield Jazz Festival
Goshen Fairgrounds
Goshen, Connecticut
August 1-3, 2008

No doubt that Litchfield Hills in northwest Connecticut is some of the prettiest terrain within a two- hour drive of Manhattan. The region attracts all sorts of visitors--antique buyers, wine tasters, history buffs and, for more than a decade, ...

Cassandra Wilson: Loverly

Read "Loverly" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

When Cassandra Wilson played New York's Blue Note Jun. 9th, she let her band jam a long time before she stepped into the heavy mix of groove and musical jest among the instrumentalists. The room was sweltering because of the day's heat and the seemingly absent air conditioning, but Wilson never broke a sweat. Wilson always ...


Cassandra Wilson: Jazz Roots

Read "Cassandra Wilson: Jazz Roots" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

Over the last two decades Cassandra Wilson has emerged as one of the most celebrated jazz singers in the world--and with one album a year since 1985, she also ranks as one of the most prolific. Because of her openness to experimentation with grooves and repertoire, Wilson's work over the years has expanded our definition of ...

Libby York: Here With You

Read "Here With You" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

Libby York has the rich, rounded kind of voice that evokes another time--a time when it was Rosemary (not George) and there were only two kinds of martini (gin or vodka). York's new CD, Here With You, covers traditional territory with a surety that gives the material renewed relevance: York feels the swing or the bossa ...


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