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Dave Weckl: Rhythm Talk

Read "Dave Weckl: Rhythm Talk" reviewed by Stefanee Freedman

When any jazz enthusiasts start talking about drummers, one of the first names that comes to mind is sure to be Dave Weckl. This major innovator of modern jazz drumming has grooved with more players since he started playing in the New York club scene in the early '80s. His most notable stint started in 1985 ...


Scott Kinsey: Sampling Keys

Read "Scott Kinsey: Sampling Keys" reviewed by Stefanee Freedman

Keyboardist Scott Kinsey is most noted for his free-fusion style playing in the first band he joined straight out of college, Tribal Tech, featuring guitarist Scott Henderson bassist Gary Willis and drummer Kirk Covington. He has performed live and on record with numerous top jazz performers including Kurt Rosenwinkel, Philip Bailey, WDR Big Band, Tim Hagans, ...


Scott Henderson: Welding Sounds

Read "Scott Henderson: Welding Sounds" reviewed by Stefanee Freedman

Any jazz lover who believes the boundaries of musical genres can't melt together to influence the technical development of improve-based music needs to take a listen to guitarist, Scott Henderson. Henderson's early musical influences of rock and blues transcends through his hard-hitting jazz compositions.

Henderson studied guitar in his native state at Florida Atlantic University. ...