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Kuku: Ballads & Blasphemy

Read "Ballads & Blasphemy" reviewed by James Nadal

Yorubaland is a region of southwest Nigeria which extends into parts of Benin and Togo. It is the ancestral homeland of the Yoruba people, and remains a vital source of cultural identity, especially spiritual music and rhythms. Kuku is a singer/songwriter who though born in the United States, is a Yoruba Nigerian, now residing in Paris. ...


Gino Sitson: VoiStrings

Read "VoiStrings" reviewed by James Nadal

The categorization of “Jazz Vocal," which through time has come to cover an expanding field of wide ranging artists, might not be the appropriate tag to hang on Gino Sitson.VoiStrings is a showcase for Sitson's vocal extensions to take on another dimension as he explores in depth the art of singing as instrumentation. Accompanied by a ...


BKO Quintet: Bamako Today

Read "Bamako Today" reviewed by James Nadal

While most musicians have the convenience of being in a relaxed atmosphere while preparing to produce a record, this was not the situation for the members of the BKO Quintet. Amidst the revolutionary turmoil which embroiled Mali in late 2012 to the brink of civil war, they maintained focused on their musical endeavor, albeit with a ...


Etenesh & Le Tigre (Des Platanes): Ethiosonic

Read "Ethiosonic" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

This wonderful collaboration of the French jazz group Le Tigre and Ethiopian singer Etenesh Wassie results in music that is visceral, infectious, and culminates with some of the most progressive world music in recent memory.

“The group is named after the sycamore lace bug (Corythucha ciliata), the nasty little tree-killing insect that was imported ...


Mulatu Astatqe: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale

Read "Mulatu Astatqe: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale" reviewed by Chris May

Mulatu Astatqe
Ethiopiques 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale
Buda Musique

An idiosyncratic amalgam of late 1960s/early 1970s US jazz and jazz-rock refracted through the prism of Ethiopian five-tone scales and harmonies, the early work of composer, keyboardist and bandleader Mulatu Astatqe, the godfather of Ethiopian jazz, has finally ...


Either/Orchestra: Live In Addis

Read "Live In Addis" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Questo splendido doppio album live documenta il naturale epilogo tra Russ Geshon e la musica etiope. Un amore iniziato nel 1988 con l'ascolto di un Long Playing di Mahmoud Ahmed e alimentatosi negli anni grazie alle riedizioni della collana Ethiopiques, curate da Francis Falceto. Nel 1999 Geshon incise con la sua Either/Orchestra i primi arrangiamenti jazzistici di musica popolare etiope, ...


Either/Orchestra: Ethiopiques 20: Live in Addis

Read "Ethiopiques 20: Live in Addis" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

In January 2004, the Either/Orchestra went to Ethiopia to play at the Ethiopian Music Festival. The band has always been flexible in its vision, and so it comes as no surprise that the group decided to play Ethiopian music (the musicians were already familiar with it, having recorded “The Ethiopian Suite on More Beautiful Than Death). ...


Either/Orchestra: Ethiopiques 20: Live in Addis

Read "Ethiopiques 20: Live in Addis" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Live in Addis, the latest release by the Either/Orchestra, provides a superb example of the way Russ Gershon, E/O's founder and main composer/arranger, keeps the band fresh and exciting by always moving into new territory and never standing still.

The path that led to this historic concert has already been described in these ...


Either/Orchestra: Ethiopiques 20: Live In Addis

Read "Ethiopiques 20: Live In Addis" reviewed by Brian P. Lonergan

A horn lover's paradise exists and it is Addis Ababa. At least, the Ethiopian capital was for one night in January 2004, when the American Either/Orchestra, a proponent of “Ethio-jazz, played a rousing concert at the city's third annual music festival.

The fortunate result of that night, the two-CD Live in Addis, is ...


Either/Orchestra: Ethiopiques 20: Live in Addis

Read "Ethiopiques 20: Live in Addis" reviewed by Paul Olson

Here's to the wonders of recorded music and cultural exchange. Either/Orchestra leader Russ Gershon's encounter with the Blue Silver label's Ethiopian Groove album, a compilation of the seminal, brass-packed Ethiopian jazz/pop of the 1970s, led him to arrange some of its pieces as “The Ethiopian Suite. They were recorded by the E/O for the 1999 album ...