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Fred Hersch: Alone At The Vanguard

Read "Alone At The Vanguard" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Creating an album title--Alone At The Vanguard--that reads as a double entendre and an oxymoron--whether intentional or not--is a great achievement, but not nearly as impressive as the music that pianist Fred Hersch presents on this live recording. While the Vanguard in the title is a direct reference to the hallowed basement club in New York ...


Charlie Haden Quartet West: Sophisticated Ladies

Read "Sophisticated Ladies" reviewed by Chris May

Gorgeous, poised and inviting. And that's just the sister on the cover of bassist Charlie Haden's latest with-singers-and-strings album. It's a retro design which, like the disc it packages, was inspired by Capitol Records' distinctive jazz-inflected vocal albums of the early 1960s. Your parents got off on this stuff big time back in the day, while ...


Ren: Haunted Heart

Read "Haunted Heart" reviewed by Stephen Latessa

My utter and lamentable ignorance of opera leaves me unable to fully grasp the esteem with which Renée Fleming is held. However, on Haunted Heart, Fleming takes temporary leave of the opera world for pop pastures. Such crossover attempts constitute a mini-genre, albeit one with an almost unbroken string of ill-advised efforts (see the Placido Domingo/John ...