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Skatalites: The Best Music You Never Heard

Read "Skatalites: The Best Music You Never Heard" reviewed by José Orozco

You might love the Skatalites without knowing who they are--the founders of ska, a kind of Jamaican jazz. They backed Bob Marley and Desmond Decker before they became the Skatalites. Born from mainly African-American influences, the band has gone on to pioneer the ska sound. Keyboardist/manager Ken Stewart and drummer Lloyd Knibb talked to All About ...


Huascar Barradas: The Magical Flautist

Read "Huascar Barradas: The Magical Flautist" reviewed by José Orozco

Huascar Barradas believes that one makes one's destiny. Doors open and you walk through them.

“Things happen that make you think God put you here to be a musician," said Barradas. “A lot of people go to your concerts, you do well and so on."

Barradas has been playing the flute since the age ...