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Terrence McManus & John Hebert: Saints and Sinners

Read "Saints and Sinners" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Here's an album that was recorded in 2010 and released in 2015. Hence, It's better late than never, especially since this duo production by rising star experimental guitarist Terrence McManus and all-universe jazz session bassist and leader, John Hebert tease our imaginations via these nine contrasting works. The duo's creative improvisational sparks and acute call and ...


2012 Tampere Jazz Happening: Tampere, Finland, November 1-4, 2012

Read "2012 Tampere Jazz Happening: Tampere, Finland, November 1-4, 2012" reviewed by Martin Longley

Tampere Jazz Happening
Tampere, Finland
November 1-4, 2012
Here's another veteran jazz festival, and one which has been gaining increasing international recognition during recent years. This is a Happening with a personality. A distinct orientation to its programming, and a taste for the more adventurous aspects of jazz. The Finnish ...


Gerry Hemingway Quintet: Riptide

Read "Riptide" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Over the past 25 years, the lineup of drummer/percussionist Gerry Hemingway's quintet might have changed, but his central organizing concepts have remained constant. Like a working dog, specifically a shepherd, he always seems to be organizing chaos and safeguarding melody. Well, that is, when he isn't inciting the tumult.

The most recent variation of his ...


Terrence McManus - Gerry Hemingway: Below the Surface of

Read "Below the Surface of" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Sentiremo ancora parlare di Terrence McManus. E non soltanto per quel nome che pare preso in prestito da un romanzo di Roberto Bolaño o Thomas Pynchon. C'è la netta sensazione, ascoltando Below the Surface of, di essersi imbattuti in un improvvisatore che ha numeri e talento, idee in abbondanza e coraggio da vendere. Newyorkese di Brooklyn (finalmente un ...


Terrence McManus / Mark Helias / Gerry Hemingway: Transcendental Numbers

Read "Transcendental Numbers" reviewed by John Sharpe

Guitarist Terrence McManus helms a stellar trio on Transcendental Numbers, through six collective concoctions recorded in New York City's The Stone, straddling and blurring the line between textural improvisation and the more traditional sound of guitar and rhythm section. Brooklyn-born McManus is carving a niche for himself on the scene. Having worked with drummer/composer Tyshawn Sorey, ...


Terrence McManus/- Gerry Hemingway: Below The Surface

Read "Below The Surface" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Guitarist Terrence McManus conveys an extensive music vernacular, tinted with percussive attributes and perceptive interactions with famed drummer, bandleader and consummate improviser Gerry Hemingway during Below The Surface Of. The duo engages a pliant game plan, executed at various pulses, and a broad soundstage that invokes an entertaining outlook, combined with blooming adventurism.

The ...


All-Star Jazz Trio Fieldwork Showcased in Concert Series Presented by Ars Nova Workshop in Philadelphia

From March 11 to March 13, Ars Nova Workshop will showcase the work of widely celebrated and critically acclaimed trio Fieldwork. The three-night concert series, Composer Portrait: Fieldwork, offers a rare opportunity to experience both the collective and individual work of pianist Vijay Iyer, saxophonist Steve Lehman, and drummer Tyshawn Sorey, making the series a truly ...


Going Solo: One is NOT the Loneliest Number

Read "Going Solo: One is NOT the Loneliest Number" reviewed by Mark Corroto

With the advent of new and affordable recording technologies capable of delivering exceptionally high quality sound, the market for idiosyncratic solo recordings is flourishing--in an era when so many are lamenting the death of jazz. Released mostly on small labels or as self-produced projects, the recordings are reminiscent of the cassette culture from the DIY 1980s ...


The Dream of the Ants Perform in Brooklyn

The Dream of the Ants Perform in Brooklyn

On February 5 the chamber ensemble, The Dream of the Ants, will make its first performance of the new year.

The performance will take place at the Brooklyn based art space, Issue Project Room. The ensemble, led by guitarist Terrence McManus, will perform the new work, The Machine, which is inspired by the music of Morton ...


Terrence McManus: Thirty9Thirty8 & Live at the Clown Lounge

Read "Terrence McManus: Thirty9Thirty8 & Live at the Clown Lounge" reviewed by Elliott Simon

Dave Ballou/Terrence McManus/Devin Gray
Flattened Planet Records

Terrence McManus/Michael Lewis/Adam Linz/J.T. Bates
Live at the Clown Lounge
Flattened Planet Records

Although legitimate releases, both these sessions, ...