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Charlie Parker's telegrams to Chan Parker, on hearing of the death of their daughter

Read "Charlie Parker's telegrams to Chan Parker, on hearing of the death of their daughter" reviewed by Bill Siegel

Chan, please help meDropping from the wires,a cry hangs in the air like a dustcloudabout the shoulders of the man aloneworking its way into the wrinkles of his coatthe cracks of his facefilling his jowls, bending his neck Chan, please help


The Flutist

Read "The Flutist" reviewed by Bill Siegel

for Elyse Wood she listens to the bass strings moanrolls her cold silver fluteacross one cheekwhile the bassist's fingers sweat tearson the polished woodas she playsthe saxman's shadow croucheshunchbacked on the wallwhen she finishesshe stands straight as the ...


so listen:

Read "so listen:" reviewed by Bill Siegel

so listen: i've counted the moose that might have crossedthe fields we passedthought of the bear at the woodpileat night one summer wandering headcockedlike a drunk looking for a friendly eartell you his story for a drinktell you his story for a drink


Michael Brecker: Celebration of a Healer

Read "Michael Brecker: Celebration of a Healer" reviewed by Bill Siegel

Michael Brecker Memorial Town Hall, New York February 20, 2007 Town Hall was the scene for a spirited memorial service for Michael Brecker, universally acclaimed as one of the most influential jazz sax players since John Coltrane--and certainly among the most productive and ubiquitous: think of a name in innovative jazz or ...

Jim Pepper: Polar Bear Stomp

Read "Jim Pepper: Polar Bear Stomp" reviewed by Bill Siegel

Jim Pepper Polar Bear Stomp Universal Music (Austria) 2004 “Jim didn't want me to write about the music, since he thinks the music has the right to speak for itself. He also didn't want me to write a biography; instead, only my impressions." Enja Records co-founder and Jim Pepper producer, ...

Jim Pepper: Afro Indian Blues

Read "Jim Pepper: Afro Indian Blues" reviewed by Bill Siegel

Amina Claudine Myers & Jim Pepper Afro Indian Blues PAO Records 2006 Why now? Why review a recording of a concert that happened fifteen years ago? For one, because it's taken this long for anyone to get around to releasing the performance on CD. But even more importantly, because this ...


Thinking Mingus

Read "Thinking Mingus" reviewed by Bill Siegel

“But jazz is decadent bourgeois music," I was told, for that is what the Soviet press had hammered into Russian heads. “It's my music," I said, “and I wouldn't give up jazz for a world revolution." ~ Langston Hughes “No matter what LeRoi Jones says to the contrary, the essence of this music, this ...


Jazz-Rock Fusion: The People, The Music

Read "Jazz-Rock Fusion: The People, The Music" reviewed by Bill Siegel

Julie Coryell Jazz-Rock Fusion: The People, The Music Hal Leonard 1979 Preface by Ramsey Lewis 2000 edition with new preface by Julie Coryell Photographs by Laura Friedman “Jazz-rock fusion . It's a tag, a label from the 1970s that can still provoke impassioned arguments ...


John-Carlos Perea: First Dance

Read "John-Carlos Perea: First Dance" reviewed by Bill Siegel

John-Carlos Perea First Dance Aerep Music 2001 What do a Mescalero Apache electric bassist, a Michoacan-Mexican percussionist, a Chicano guitarist, a Nicaraguan-Jewish drummer, and French-Iranian, Argentine and Chinese-American saxophonists have in common with John Coltrane and Jim Pepper? The answer comes in the form of John-Carlos ...


There Are No Coincidences: A Tale of Synchronicity

Read "There Are No Coincidences: A Tale of Synchronicity" reviewed by Bill Siegel

Or Meditations on Jim Pepper, Chief Bey, Milford Graves, a Heron and a Flock of Geese (excerpts from this appeared in the Winter/Spring 2005 issue of Planet Jazz magazine) If anything is a coincidence, then everything must be; And if everything is coincidence, then surely nothing really happens by chance. Item: One of the ...


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