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Fred Marty: Ondes Primitives: Improvised Solo Pieces for Double Bass

Read "Ondes Primitives: Improvised Solo Pieces for Double Bass" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The debut album of French double bassist Fred Marty summarizes his musical experience and exploration through an entire spectrum, from classical interpretation to collaborative free improvisation. Marty employs the bass as an organic extension of his body, searching for an array of extended techniques that expand the instrument's timbral range.

Each of ...


Louis-Michel Marion: 5 Strophes

Read "5 Strophes" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

French double bassist Louis-Michel Marion's sophomore solo double bass album (after his debut solo double bass album Grounds, Emil, 2012) blends influences from European schools of free improvisation and experimental, modern composers. Marion--who collaborates regularly with forward-thinking French improvisers like sax player Daunik Lazro, clarinetist Xavier Charles or pianist Sophie Agnel--describes himself as influenced by seminal, ...


Tetsu Saitoh: Strings & The Moon

Read "Tetsu Saitoh: Strings & The Moon" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Japanese double bass master Testsu Saitoh is relatively unknown outside Japan. Most of his discography was released by small Japanese labels, including his own, Travessia, and naturally most of his collaborations are with East Asian musicians. Though he played and recorded with Western musicians, including fellow double bass players, as on the double bass quartet tribute ...


Ido Bukelman: The Door

Read "The Door" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Per il chitarrista israeliano Ido Bukelman la caratteristica principale della chitarra acustica sembra essere la sua capacità di scatenare l'effetto di risonanza. Una risonanza che si moltiplica, si eleva, si amplifica per poi smorzarsi nel tempo. L'ispirazione arriva dai poemi di Israel Eliraz e la dedica è per l'amata Shimrit. In questo album Bukelman è da solo alle prese con ...


Joelle Leandre / Serge Teyssot-Gay: Trans

Read "Trans" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The first collaboration between prolific French double bass and free-improvisation master Joëlle Léandre and fellow countryman, guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay--founder of French progressive bands Noir Désir and Interzone, and affiliated with the experimental and more arty side rock--may not seem a natural fit. But this live recording from a benefit concert for the Point Ephémère magazine demonstrates ...


Jean Claude Jones & Kadima Collective: Myelination

Read "Myelination" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Questo intrigante e inedito progetto realizzato dal contrabbassista Jean Claude Jones con il Kadima Collective parte dalla diagnosi di sclerosi multipla che il musicista di origine tunisina si sentì comunicare nel lontano 1999. Insieme all'amico e chimico Andy Shipway, Jones decide di documentare i suoni generati dalle vibrazioni della guaina mielinica, struttura multilamellare con funzioni isolanti del sistema ...


Nori Jacoby / Yoni Kretzmer / Haggai Fershtman: One Afternoon

Read "One Afternoon" reviewed by Nic Jones

One of the points of interest of free improvisation is its autonomy. Given the lack of prearrangement, the potential for both triumph and disaster is there in equal measure, especially if the music is being recorded for posterity. One Afternoon is one of those occasions when the recording happened at just the right moment.


Ariel Shibolet / Nori Jacoby: Scenes From An Ideal Marriage

Read "Scenes From An Ideal Marriage" reviewed by Nic Jones

Having existed for decades, free improvisation can be argued to have settled into a kind of routine regardless of the music's underlying abstraction. The soprano sax has become readily associated with the music thanks to the efforts of such pioneers as Steve Lacy, Evan Parker and Trevor Watts. Ariel Shibolet seems only too aware of this, ...


Gunter Baby Sommer: Live In Jerusalem

Read "Live In Jerusalem" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Legendary German jazz and improvising drummer Gunter Baby Sommer's boundless creative sparks and superior technical ability are well-documented. He's a quintessential innovator, largely within the European progressive jazz and avant-garde strata. On Live in Jerusalem, he aligns with an alternating ensemble that ignites a veritable firestorm amid some temperately organized passages.

On “Yo Yo ...


Bert Turetzky / George Lewis / Vinny Golia: Triangulation II

Read "Bert Turetzky / George Lewis / Vinny Golia:  Triangulation II" reviewed by Robert Bush

Bert Turetzky / George Lewis / Vinny Golia

Triangulation 11

Kadima Collective


The trio at work here consists of three giants of improvised music. On trombone, George Lewis has few peers; multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia has been a rock of the Los Angeles free-jazz scene for over 30 years; and contrabassist ...