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Bill Bruford & Michiel Borstlap: In Concert In Holland

Read "Bill Bruford & Michiel Borstlap: In Concert In Holland" reviewed by John Kelman

Bruford | Borstlap
In Concert In Holland
Summerfold Records

2005 seems to be the year of Bill Bruford. The drummer who first made his name with groups like Yes and King Crimson, but has more recently been heard in a looser improvisational context that might be considered jazz but also demonstrates elements ...


Bill Bruford/Michiel Borstlap: Every Step a Dance, Every Word a Song

Read "Every Step a Dance, Every Word a Song" reviewed by John Kelman

Drummer Bill Bruford has certainly come a long way since his emergence with Yes in the early '70s. While his interest in jazz was evident in the improvisational aspect of his 25-year association with King Crimson, his mathematical sense of precision and disposition towards mind-boggling subdivisions of rhythm often precluded the kind of elasticity required to ...