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dOeK Festival #9: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 4, 2010

Read "dOeK Festival #9: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 4, 2010" reviewed by John Kelman

dOeK Festival #9
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
December 4, 2010

While the majority of the 200 international delegates who attended Dutch Jazz & World Meeting 2010, in Amsterdam, struggled with flight delays due to an early and tremendously severe arrival of winter and, for some, the impact of an air traffic controller strike in ...


Dutch Jazz & World Meeting 2010: December 1-3, 2010

Read "Dutch Jazz & World Meeting 2010: December 1-3, 2010" reviewed by John Kelman

Dutch Jazz & World Meeting
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
December 1-3, 2010
As difficult as it can sometimes be to appreciate how far jazz has evolved since making its first infant steps in the United States at the beginning of the 20th Century, it's equally remarkable to consider the scene in Europe. Beginning as a relative ...


Cor Fuhler: Stengam

Read "Stengam" reviewed by John Eyles

Since John Cage drew attention to (rather than invented) prepared piano in the middle of the last century, it has steadily gained in popularity and acceptance, to the extent that most improvising pianists give it some role in their repertoire and it even makes occasional appearances in popular music.

While many pianists mainly play the keyboard ...


Cor Fuhler: Stengam

Read "Stengam" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Cornelis Fuhler is an Amsterdam based improviser who, as a pianist, is comfortable playing swing to John Cage. This recording from 2006 is a solo piano session made with no electronics, no overdubs, and no electronic treatments. With that in mind, he has created a series of sustained tones and notes that are remarkable in both ...


Cor Fuhler: Corkestra

Read "Corkestra" reviewed by Rex  Butters

The resourceful Amsterdam-based composer/performer/inventor Cor Fuhler brings his hatful of tricks to the nonet form when he leads the Corkestra. Miniature sound wonders materialize over the course of these organized improvisations. Fuhler's love of old, distinctive-sounding keyboards fits his richly textured ensemble, which includes Nora Mulder on cymbalom, the Ex's Andy Moor on guitar, Anne La ...


Cor Fuhler: Corkestra

Read "Cor Fuhler: Corkestra" reviewed by Clifford Allen

Cor Fuhler
Data Records

Though a significant number of fluxus and neo-dada artists were in fact American and American expatriates, the penchant for obtuse, referential destructuralization did not catch on in American jazz as much as it did in European improvised music. One has only to ...