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Los Lobos: Live at the Fillmore

Read "Live at the Fillmore" reviewed by Doug Collette

Fans of Los Lobos and rock in general should applaud the release of Live at the Fillmore. But don't turn to the compact disc package thinking it's a companion piece to the DVD of the same name released last fall: it does not contain all of what was on the DVD and then some--only a portion ...


Regis Philbin: When You're Smiling

Read "Regis Philbin: When You're Smiling" reviewed by Mark Sabbatini

Regis Philbin
When You're Smiling
Hollywood Records

Sure, it's grade-A wholesome, but I felt like I was buying a Playboy for the articles when I handed it to the music store cashier. I desperately felt like defending my dignity by saying I wasn't buying it for the ...