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Agust: Camallera

Read "Camallera" reviewed by Sergio Masferrer

Camallera was born naturally from the complex growth process of pianist Agusti Fernández. This experimental Spanish musician is beginning to be known in his native country, and it is only a question of time before he earns recognition outside Spanish borders.

To understand Fernández's ability--and importance for other musicians--both as a pianist and ...


The Esbj: Viaticum

Read "Viaticum" reviewed by Sergio Masferrer

The Esbjörn Svensson Trio stayed hidden to my ears until I discovered the existence of Viaticum. The impact of this recording is immediate: it belongs to a new jazz school, in which I don't know who's the teacher and who's the pupil, but where we can find the names of Brad Mehldau--with his Art Of The ...


Matthew Shipp: Harmony & Abyss

Read "Harmony & Abyss" reviewed by Sergio Masferrer

Matthew Shipp is a musician who can't be easily pigeon-holed. In fact, the only pigeon hole in which he could be placed is as one of the musicians who hold to the greenest and youngest branches of the jazz tree looking for fresh air. In addition to his work with David S. Ware, he has presented ...


Spaceways Inc. Vs. Zu: Radiale

Read "Radiale" reviewed by Sergio Masferrer

Following the musical trail of Ken Vandermark in the present jazz scene is a complex task, not only for the sheer amount of his recordings, but also for the diverse styles he practices on each one.

In this case, the rhythmic expansive wave of Ken Vandermark & Co--the trio known as Spaceways Inc.--joins Zu, a trio ...


Anouar Brahem: Le Pas du Chat Noir

Read "Le Pas du Chat Noir" reviewed by Sergio Masferrer

Anouar Brahem knows perfectly the formula to condense in the air the fragrance of incense, the visual impression of an orange-colored sky over the adobe terraces in Tunis, and a sea of reminiscences shaken up by his melodies. His music seems to be languid, but its lassitude takes you in, absorbs you, and softly converts any ...