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Conte Candoli/Max Roach: Jazz Structures

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The inclusion of Max Roach's name on the cover of Jazz Structures is somewhat disingenuous. Upon opening the CD insert, we're informed that Max Roach appears on only four out of eighteen tracks. This information was conspicuously absent from the back cover, where a potential buyer would look to see if a disc's worth spending hard-earned ...


Paul Motian: I Have the Room Above Her & Motian in Tokio

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Paul Motian
I Have the Room Above Her
ECM Records

I Have the Room Above Her is an odd title choice, considering the title track is one of only two songs that drummer Paul Motian didn't write himself. Maybe Motian's too modest to go with one of his own ...

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber: Live 01: Not April in Paris

Read "Live 01: Not April in Paris" reviewed by Rico Cleffi

There are live albums where you just had to be there, and there are ones that take you there. This documentation of a 2001 Burnt Sugar performance is of the latter variety.

It's nice to see somebody putting their money where their mouth is. Cultural critic Greg Tate isn't content to just judge other ...

John O'Gallagher: Line of Sight & Rules of Invisibility, Vol. 2

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John O'Gallagher
Line of Sight
Fresh Sound-New Talent

Comparison can be useful in a review. In the case of John O'Gallagher's Line of Sight, there was something familiar, composition-wise, I just couldn't put my finger on.

My first point of reference was Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage so I listened to ...


Ahmed Abdullah's Dispersions of the Spirit of RA: Traveling the Spaceways

Read "Traveling the Spaceways" reviewed by Rico Cleffi

Travelling the Spaceways is the fruit of the labor of long-time Sun Ra trumpeter Ahmed Abdullah's Dispersions of the Spirit of Ra--a band formed after Abdullah was visited in a dream by his former band leader. His mission? To play Sun Ra's music. Abdullah surrounded himself with some fierce musicians and set out to do justice ...


Lou Grassi: Joining Two Worlds

Read "Lou Grassi: Joining Two Worlds" reviewed by Rico Cleffi

Drummer Lou Grassi has appeared on over two dozen sessions in addition to serving up over a half dozen of his own CDs, many at the helm of his Po Band group which has featured such special guests as Sun Ra Arkestra saxophonist and bandleader Marshall Allen, the legendary Danish saxophonist John Tchicai and Art Ensemble ...


Claudio Roditi: Three for One (341)

Read "Three for One (341)" reviewed by Rico Cleffi

While listening to the first track on Three for One (341) by Claudio Roditi, Klaus Ignatzek, and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, I stopped to check the credits to find out the name of the drummer who was playing so delicately. I quickly remembered that there was no drummer, but I thought I heard some slight brushwork, anyway. And ...


Raoul Bj: Shadowglow

Read "Shadowglow" reviewed by Rico Cleffi

There are moments on Shadowglow where Raoul Björkenheim and Lukas Ligeti achieve such an intuitive balance that it's hard to tell who's playing what.

Björkenheim is a percussive guitarist, Ligeti a melodic drummer who plays the kit (and a variety of other percussion instruments) with remarkable fluidity. Björkenheim is capable of making his guitar ...