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Phantom Orchard Orchestra: Trouble In Paradise

Read "Trouble In Paradise" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Phantom Orchard began as an experimental duo comprised of two innovative figures from the experimental New York downtown scene: Ikue Mori, who exchanged the drummer position in the No Wave band DNA for a unique exploration of electronic sounds; and Zeena Parkins, who has expanded the vocabulary of the harp in acoustic and electric contexts. The ...


Label: DF Records
Released: 2012


Label: Self Produced
Released: 2012


Released: 2012
Track listing: 01. For My Brother; 02. Jana; 03. For My Mother; 04. Toscana; 05. Quiete; 06. Pupik; 07. Milky Air. tutte le composizioni sono di Fabio Delvò.


Fabio Delvò: DNA

Read "DNA" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

DNA è disco come è sempre più raro trovarne in circolazione. Libero da logiche di mercato, svincolato da vezzi di produttori incompetenti, con la musica rigorosamente in primo piano, sincero nelle intenzioni, spontaneo nella proposta, ruspante nell'esecuzione, felicemente tosto nel risultato. Fabio Delvò è membro stabile della Flight Band di Biagio Coppa che in questa occasione ...


Label: No More Records
Released: 2004
Track listing: You & You - Little Ants - Egomaniac's Kiss - Lionel - Not Moving - Size - New Fast - 5:30 - Blonde Red Head - 32123 - New New - Lying On the Sofa Of Life - Grapefruit - Taking Kid To School - Young Teenagers Talk Sex - Delivering The Goods - Police Chase - Cop Buys a Donut - Detached - Low - Nearing - 5:30 (early version) - Surrender - Newest Fastest - Detached - Brand New - Horse - Forgery - Action - Marshall - A New Low - Calling to Phone


Dna: DNA on DNA

Read "DNA on DNA" reviewed by Clifford Allen

There are certain strong alliances between the punk ethos and free music, for a do-it-yourself aesthetic pervades both, in medium as well as practice--self-produced albums and concerts, and collectivity (the Arkestra house as a punk house?) for example, as well as the fact that both have been strongly aligned with protest, both in America and in ...


Label: Thirsty Ear Recordings
Released: 1999
Track listing: When Johnny Comes Marching Home; Cell Sequence; Genetic Alphabet; DNA; Orbit; Mr. Chromosome; Amazing Grace.


Matthew Shipp: dna

Read "dna" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Matthew Shipp continues to document his progression as the anti-Marsalis. Eschewing swing for feeling, he leads his fans or is it his cult, down a much different path. His latest installment, recorded January of this year, is his thirty-second in the last eight years. At this pace, he’ll replace David Murray as the album of the ...


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