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Federico Ughi: Transoceanico

Read "Transoceanico" reviewed by Patrick Burnette

Dozens of jazz albums modeled on trumpeter Miles Davis's Miles Smiles (Columbia, 1966) or saxophonist John Coltrane's Crescent (Impulse!, 1964) get released each year, but a record reminiscent of Albert Ayler's Spiritual Unity (ESP-Disc, 1964) is less common. Drummer Federico Ughi's Transoceanico nods vigorously in Ayler's direction, even as it marks Ughi's twentieth anniversary as a ...


Daniel Carter, Tobias Wilner, Djibril Toure, Federico Ughi.: New York United

Read "New York United" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Like all folk musics exposed to migration, the rhythms shift and drone. The bottom falls out of harmonic structures and then reconstitutes from thin air. Oratorical woodwinds, strings, horns and whistles mournfully proclaim or brightly celebrate. Bringing New York folk music to light, New York United open their self-titled disc with the pulsating “Canal Street," a ...


Daniel Carter - Matthew Putman - Patrick Holmes - Hilliard Greene - Federico Ughi: Telepatia Liquida

Read "Telepatia Liquida" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

New York-based improvising stalwart Daniel Carter (reeds, trumpet) and other regional artists perform on this 37-minute improv fest, marked by alternating flows and shifting cadences. The album title translates into a 'telepathic understanding,' which of course, is always a positive component for free-spirited dialogues and fruitful artistic ingenuity.

Classically trained pianist Matthew Putman is ...


Daniel Carter, Federico Ughi: Extra Room

Read "Extra Room" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Daniel Carter, settantenne polistrumentista originario della Pennsylvania, e Federico Ughi, quarantatreenne batterista romano, da quindici anni di stanza a New York, confezionano un doppio CD in due volumi separati raccogliendovi un totale di diciannove brani liberamente improvvisati nel corso di un'unica seduta d'incisione alla fine del 2012.

La sovrabbondanza del materiale avrebbe forse ...


The Moon: Good and Evil

Read "Good and Evil" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Chilometri e chilometri macinati in auto tra Canada, Midwest, East Coast, esibizioni in location le più disparate tra centri d'arte e bar sportivi, oltre che un'affinità elettiva scattata al primo incontro, sono i presupposti che hanno portato Adam Caine, chitarrista di Rochester, NY, e Federico Ughi, batterista romano, dal 2000 residente a Brooklyn, a incidere Good ...


Kirk Knuffke / Federico Ughi / Chris Welcome: Garden Of Gifts

Read "Garden Of Gifts" reviewed by Mark Corroto

There are no signposts to direct towards great free improvisation recordings, because there are no scenic overlooks where it's possible to pull over and take a snapshot or buy a postcard before heading to the next tourist attraction. To take in a recording such as Garden Of Gifts, it's necessary to stand back and take in ...


Sabìr Mateen: Prophecies Come to Pass

Read "Prophecies Come to Pass" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

La 577 Records di Federico Ughi fa centro e dà alle stampe una registrazione, la settima nel catalogo della giovane e promettente etichetta di New York, che non avrebbe potuto sortire effetto diverso. Ripreso dal vivo allo Zebulon di Brooklyn il 22 Settembre 2005, l’esordio di The Shapes, Textures and Sound Ensemble, la creatura di Sabìr Mateen, ugualmente ...


Sabir Mateen: Prophecies Come to Pass

Read "Prophecies Come to Pass" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

The Shapes, Textures and Sound Ensemble is a quintessential downtown New York jazz group in the tradition of Other Dimensions in Music and Test--as intense and impassioned as music honed on the street should be: tough, but coherent and highly skilled. Led by veteran reedman Sabir Mateen on alto, tenor, flute and clarinets, none of the ...


Sabir Mateen: Prophecies Come To Pass

Read "Prophecies Come To Pass" reviewed by Troy Collins

On Prophecies Come To Pass, saxophonist Sabir Mateen's Shapes, Textures, and Sound Ensemble delivers a rousing program of classic free jazz that rarely relents in its intensity. Recorded live in Brooklyn, this album captures the group at its rapturous best. Dedicated to late trumpeter Raphe Malik, the ensemble pushes its post-Ayler dynamics to the heavens.


577 Records

Read "577 Records" reviewed by Marc Medwin

"Art should be real, it should be authentic, it needs to speak to me in some way, even in a way that I don't necessarily like immediately or recognize. Often, you look at a piece of writing or a painting and there's some sort of instant connection...

Listening to drummer Federico Ughi speak ...