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Alessandro Carabelli Music ensemble: Indaco

Read "Indaco" reviewed by Nicholas F. Mondello

In Italian, a language of such beautiful color, “Indaco" translates as “Indigo." And, if there is anything that this recording is, it is indeed colorful, full of beauty, rhythmic variety and mood. Pianist and composer Alessandro Carabelli and his Ensemble offer 14 selections where texture and color predominate. This is highly intelligent and inviting music--without any ...


Alessandro Carabelli Group: Aphrodite

Read "Aphrodite" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Si conferma un eccellente gruppo di jazz moderno quello diretto dal pianista Alessandro Carabelli, di cui avevamo già potuto appezzare il precedente Over and Out e rispetto al quale spicca qui la presenza in alcune tracce del trombettista svizzero Franco Ambrosetti, ad aumentare la già considerevole qualità dell’organico. Il gruppo mantiene la cifra semplice, ma fresca e genuina della musica ...


Alessandro Carabelli Group: Over and Out

Read "Over and Out" reviewed by Eric J. Iannelli

Going by its title alone, Over and Out sounds as if it's aiming to be a definitive farewell to something--traditionalism, perhaps, in these avant- and post-everything days of ours--but in actuality this is a polite, mild-mannered affair, the kind you can bring home to your parents and not worry about any crazy outbursts spoiling the otherwise ...