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David Finck: The Bass, Scatting Offenses, and the Back Hoe

Read "David Finck: The Bass, Scatting Offenses, and the Back Hoe" reviewed by Dr. Judith Schlesinger

David Finck is not only a first-call bassist with a long resume of high-profile recordings and gigs, but he's one of the most versatile musicians on any instrument. Finck has been in the studio, touring, and/or sharing the world's greatest stages with everyone from Andre Previn to Ivan Lins, Woody Herman to Natalie Cole and Kenny ...


Mundell Lowe / Lloyd Wells / Jim Ferguson: Poor Butterfly

Read "Poor Butterfly" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Mainstream jazz guitar doesn't get much better than this. Guitarist Mundell Lowe's long career includes sideman stints with Billie Holiday, Carmen McRae, André Previn, and many others; he has composed film and TV scores as well. Co-guitarist Lloyd Wells also grew up in Laurel, Mississippi, giving the pair a hometown connection. The two previously collaborated on ...


A Legend In Concert: Peggy King And The All-Star Jazz Trio At Sellersville Theater On February 1, 2015

A Legend In Concert: Peggy King And The All-Star Jazz Trio At Sellersville Theater On February 1, 2015

Along with Tony Bennett, the legendary songstress Peggy King is one of the few, certifiable stars of stage, screen, radio television and nightclubs still performing today. Peggy King will appear in concert with The All-Star Jazz Trio on Sunday, February 1 for a 2:00 p.m. matinee appearance at the historic Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA. Tickets ...


A Legend In Concert: An Afternoon With Peggy King And The All-Star Jazz Trio

“A Legend in Concert: An Afternoon with Peggy King and The All-Star Jazz Trio,” pairs the famed jazz songstress with the area’s most swinging jazz group, live and in concert at the Philadelphia Ethical Society –1906 Rittenhouse Square—on Sunday afternoon, December 1st. Show time is 3 p.m., tickets are $25 and are available at the door ...


Swingin' on a Riff . . . Hangin' by a Thread?

Read "Swingin' on a Riff . . . Hangin' by a Thread?" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Betty and I returned to Albuquerque on Memorial Day after attending Swingin' on a Riff, the latest in a series of marvelous semi-annual events presented by Ken Poston and the Los Angeles Jazz Institute for more than twenty years at venues in and around L.A. This one was held May 23-26 at the Los Angeles Marriott ...

Dave Pell: Four Classic Albums

Read "Dave Pell: Four Classic Albums" reviewed by David Rickert

If you were to wander up and down the West Coast in the fifties you were more likely to find Dave Pell playing dances on college campuses than in clubs. Despite filling his octet with seasoned musicians who could really cut loose when given the chance, Pell's studio recordings always have a hint of ...


Jazz on Film: Beat, Square & Cool

Read "Jazz on Film: Beat, Square & Cool" reviewed by Skip Heller

Again presenting eight film scores spread across five discs, packaged in a gorgeous box and enclosed with a beautifully illustrated and comprehensively notated booklet, the Moochin' About staff (who are also the force behind the excellent British magazine Jazzwise) have returned with their second installment of noir and near-noir jazz movie music. As with their previous ...


Andre Previn: Early Jazz Years

Andre Previn: Early Jazz Years

Today, Andre Previn is viewed by many jazz fans as a jazz pretender—a dyed-in-the wool classical pianist and conductor and a prolific film composer who can manage jazz impersonation but shouldn't really be considered among jazz's piano greats. All of which is complete nonsense if you are aware of Previn's early jazz recordings. If you aren't, it's ...


Jazz On Film... Beat, Square & Cool, Vol. 2 In The Highly Acclaimed Jazz On Film Box Set Series

Jazz On Film... Beat, Square & Cool, Vol. 2 In The Highly Acclaimed Jazz On Film Box Set Series

Beat Square & Cool—the 2nd box set in the Jazz on Film series following last year’s Film Noir—is not just a collection containing some of the greatest jazz-inspired film scores ever recorded, but it also tells the story of how jazz (mostly drawing from the bebop that was one of the defining American subcultural and artistic ...


Dave Pell: Remembers John Kirby and Big Small Bands

Read "Remembers John Kirby and Big Small Bands" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Historical recreations of music are nothing new. Every tribute recording ever released is one. In the 1980s and '90s, classical music went through its “period instrument-performance practice" phase, where the entire Baroque, Classical and early Romantic repertoires were recreated using instruments and metronomic markings from the 18th and 19th Centuries. In the late 1950s, jazz was ...