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Roberto Ottaviano: Forgotten Matches. The Worlds Of Steve Lacy (1934-2004)

Read "Forgotten Matches. The Worlds Of Steve Lacy (1934-2004)" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Il 4 giugno del 2004 veniva a mancare Steve Lacy, uno dei giganti della storia del jazz che, per molteplici motivi, non ha ricevuto l'attenzione e il successo di pubblico di altre figure del suo calibro. Tra le possibili spiegazioni sta probabilmente la scelta di dedicarsi interamente a uno strumento un po' particolare qual è il ...


Gilles Laheurte: Wings of Light

Read "Wings of Light" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Disco in solitudine al soprano, ma con l'apporto di un'ampia rosa di percussioni (campane, gong orientali, xilofono e molto altro), per il sessantottenne Gilles Marie-Paul Laheurte, apolide nato in Francia, cresciuto in Austria e Germania, grande viaggiatore che alfine ha scelto di vivere a New York, sopranista seguace di Steve Lacy, audace sperimentatore musicale e artista ...


The TAO Saxophone Quartet on Tour

Read "The TAO Saxophone Quartet on Tour" reviewed by Gilles Laheurte

The TAO Saxophone Quartet
UNIS Theatre / Bowery Wine Company / Zebulon's
New York, NY
April, 2011
After an absence of eight years--last appearing in the USA at the legendary Knitting Factory in 2002--the TAO Saxophone Quartet returned to New York. Formed in 1991 by reedman Noël Pelhate--a devoted fan of ...


Steve Lacy's Japan Tours: 1975-2004

Read "Steve Lacy's Japan Tours: 1975-2004" reviewed by Gilles Laheurte

As stated in my first article about Steve Lacy and Japan, there is a great deal of mystery about his deep inner connection with Japan, and I reiterate that it should remain that way. Yet, his recorded output during his 12 completed tours is so important--in terms of the music, not in terms of the number ...


Steve Lacy: Mr. Soprano

Read "Steve Lacy: Mr. Soprano" reviewed by Gilles Laheurte

(Notes for the Steve Lacy-Sound Legacy concert at Merkin Hall, New York City October 06, 2005)

“The history of the soprano saxophone begins and ends with Steve Lacy. We owe it to him, him alone, with no help, struggling, white as snow, pure as crystal." ~ Marc-Edouard Nabe, Zigzags

This bold statement from the ...


Gilles Laheurte: Dreams

Read "Dreams" reviewed by Florence Wetzel

Gilles Laheurte is one of the more unusual members of the New York City jazz scene. Almost 60, he spent most of his life working as an architect and planner, but was always devoted to music, his own as well as others. He calls himself an amateur jazz musician, but there's nothing amateurish about his release ...


Steve Lacy and Japan

Read "Steve Lacy and Japan" reviewed by Gilles Laheurte

Pretty much like “Rosebud," Orson Welles' famous mysterious enigma in Citizen Kane, there was “something" about Japan in Steve Lacy's life, something that no one will ever fully understand. Call it karmic ties, call it subconscious bond, call it deep inner connection, there was “something" there, definitely. Ever since his first tour in 1975 (invited by ...