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Sonic Liberation 8 with Classical Revolution Trio & Oliver Lake: Bombogenic

Read "Bombogenic" reviewed by Dave Wayne

There are a few artists out there who are successfully merging authentic traditional Afro-Cuban and Caribbean rhythms with 21st Century jazz in a way that refers to, but doesn't sound like, typical Latin jazz: Adam Rudolph's Go Organic Orchestra and Kip Hanrahan's various groups immediately come to mind. Taking their cues equally from the early 70s ...


Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts: Hang Time

Read "Hang Time" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Hang Time consists of music written and performed by two student ensembles at the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts: Group Giz, an octet directed by trumpeter Greg Gisbert, and Group Gunn, a septet presided over by pianist Eric Gunnison. The CCJA is a non-profit organization “dedicated to empowering youth to creatively express themselves through the ...


Sonic Liberation Front: Sonic Liberation Front meets Sunny Murray

Read "Sonic Liberation Front meets Sunny Murray" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

L'incontro tra Sunny Murray e Sonic Liberation Front avviene per errore, anzi per un errore. Nel lontano 1985 il grande batterista e alfiere del free jazz cerca di contattare telefonicamente il vibrafonista Khan Jamal ma sbaglia a digitare una cifra. All'altro capo del telefono risponde Kevin Diehl, futuro leader del Sonic Liberation Front. Nasce così un'amicizia che dura ...


Inzinzac: Inzinzac

Read "Inzinzac" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

"Maneggiare con cura!". Una scritta che andrebbe a meraviglia sul frontespizio di Inzinzac. Perché il trio in questione è in grado di scatenare un'onda d'urto devastante per l'ascoltatore incauto. Alban Bailly, il chitarrista leader e autore di tutte le composizioni, si è trasferito nel 2005 dalla natia Francia in quel di Philadelphia assorbendo stilisticamente lo spirito della no-wave rock ...


Sonic Liberation Front: Meets Sunny Murray

Read "Meets Sunny Murray" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Sonic Liberation Front--the inheritors of both Sun Ra and the Art Ensemble of Chicago's traditions--teams up with jazz legend, drummer Sunny Murray, to create both a studio and live recording. The music continues SLF's dedicated effort to mine the percussive traditions of Afro-Cuban, Yoruba/West Africa, and American-fostered free jazz.

The percussion-heavy band's previous release, ...


Shot x Shot: Let Nature Square

Read "Let Nature Square" reviewed by Budd Kopman

The cooperative quartet ShotXShot has most assuredly earned all of the acclaim for its first release, Shot x Shot (High Two Recordings, 2006), which seemingly came out nowhere, as well as this second remarkable recording, Let Nature Square.

The former album was recorded live in a church and the music was designed to ...


ShotXShot: Let Nature Square

Read "Let Nature Square" reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

The ShotXShot formula is a simple one. It follows the Ornette Coleman model of group improvisation on set themes, although its music doesn't sound like Coleman's harmolodics. It has a rolling, mellifluous sound, without Coleman's sharp angles. And rather than the sax/trumpet front line of Coleman's classic quartet, it has the twin saxophones of Bryan Rogers ...


Shot x Shot: Let Nature Square

Read "Let Nature Square" reviewed by Mark Corroto

The band Shot x Shot excels in the art of group improvisation. A term tossed about too often without consideration for the words, 'group' and 'improvisation.'

This, their second recording, follows the self titled 2006 live date from St. Mary's church at the University of Pennsylvania. It had a ghostlike sound, a sort of ...


Shot x Shot: Let Nature Square

Read "Let Nature Square" reviewed by Troy Collins

Shot x Shot is an acoustic quartet comprised of twenty-something graduates of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Their sophomore effort, Let Nature Square, is their first studio recording, following their highly acclaimed 2006 live, self-titled debut on High Two.

Saxophonists Dan Scofield (alto) and Bryan Rogers (tenor) make up the effusive ...

Shot x Shot: Let Nature Square

Read "Let Nature Square" reviewed by Lyn Horton

A group of voices does not have to sound like a choir. In fact, a contemporary take on choral work might be one where each voice takes its own liberties, possibly in improvisation. Inherent in that process is joint collaboration and framing of an idea, in a perhaps unspoken agreement that permits a reasonable flow. Voices ...