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Resavoir: Resavoir

Read "Resavoir" reviewed by Gareth Thompson

In the early 1950s, David Axelrod was hanging out in a Los Angeles park when a group of thugs mistook him for their target and sliced the musician with a knife. It feels apt to mention this in tandem with Resavoir's debut album for two reasons. Firstly, the shimmering spirit of Axelrod's music is a clear ...


William Hooker/Roger Miller/Lee Ranaldo: Monsoon

Read "Monsoon" reviewed by John Kelman

You know that you are listening to something very different when the instrument that best creates a harmonic centre is the drum kit. Atavistic inaugurates its Out Trios series with a live recording by guitarist Lee Ranaldo, bassist Roger Miller, and drummer William Hooker that explores the many facets of texture, rhythm and timbre. Monsoon is ...


William Hooker/Roger Miller/Lee Ranaldo: Out Trios, Vol. 1: Monsoon

Read "Out Trios, Vol. 1: Monsoon" reviewed by Clifford Allen

While the idea is consistently maligned by the improvised music cognoscenti, it is nevertheless a fact that the heaps of praise and credibility given improvised music by members of Sonic Youth – specifically guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo – have helped provide free jazz the boost in popularity that it enjoys today. Moore is of ...