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Kneebody: Anti-Hero

Read "Anti-Hero" reviewed by Vic Albani

Bene. Facciamo il punto. Sono anni che sostengo a piena voce come i Kneebody siano una delle vere, grandi realtà della musica moderna.

Dunque persino ovvio che, nel mondo di oggi capace di fagocitare tutto con estrema leggerezza e ambiguità, il quintetto americano passi nel fiume galleggiando come tutto il resto. Ci sono ...


John Ellis: Evolution - Seeds and Streams

Read "Evolution - Seeds and Streams" reviewed by Phil Barnes

There's a temptation to assume with evolution that all of history has been leading to this point, that today's dominant species or situation will continue as such forever. Nonsense of course, think of the changes in the lifetimes of current generations and it's clear that evolution is not a defined end point but a dynamic, continuing ...


Blameful Isles: Strange But Not Entirely Unattractive

Read "Strange But Not Entirely Unattractive" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Essentially a one-man-band based in Sweden, Blameful Isles is one of many artists who are actively rediscovering and re-processing the sounds of the early jazz-rock movement of the 1970s. Overall, the ongoing re-vitalization of jazz-rock and fusion has been a really good thing. For audiences of a certain age, the mere sound of a real Fender ...


Stuart McCallum: Distilled

Read "Distilled" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Distilled is a beautifully atmospheric recording, the third album from Stuart McCallum, best known for his work with the Cinematic Orchestra. The Manchester-based guitarist/composer knows how to combine established and contemporary sounds, making them into music that is never less than fascinating and, at its best, a thing of breathtaking beauty.

Much of ...


Cinematic Orchestra

Read "Cinematic Orchestra" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Auditorium - Roma - 10.06.2010 Nei suoi dieci anni e poco più di attività (il primo CD risale al 1999) non sono state molto frequenti le apparizioni nel nostro paese della Cinematic Orchestra, una delle formazioni più popolari in ambito nu jazz; era quindi molta l'attesa per questo ritorno, tanto da riempire quasi completamente la sala Sinopoli dell'Auditorium romano. Iniziato con ...


Cinematic Orchestra: Ma Fleur

Read "Ma Fleur" reviewed by James Taylor

Cinematic Orchestra traverses that narrow divide between acoustic jazz and the electro-infused acid jazz of predecessors and contemporaries like St. Germain, Groove Collective and DJ Greyboy. But the Orchestra treads new ground with Ma Fleur. Jazz breaks become atmospheric compositions of grand proportions, soulful grooves become haunting melodies and the “orchestra of Cinematic's moniker becomes ever ...


Cinematic Orchestra: Man With A Movie Camera

Read "Man With A Movie Camera" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Without expounding beyond than a pure and direct statement of identity, the Cinematic Orchestra distinguishes itself by a fixation the relationship between image and sound, and specifically how that relationship can evolve over time in live performance. TCO never plays the same thing twice, and the group's devotion to improvisation renders each viewing (literally) a new ...