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Ocote Soul Sounds: The Alchemist Manifesto

Read "The Alchemist Manifesto" reviewed by James Taylor

Ocote Soul Sounds was born of strange conditions--a failed biodiesel-fueled road trip that lead to jam sessions in Austin, TX, that in turn lead to the cross country trade of mp3s and song ideas, that gave birth to a surprising debut, last years' independently released Electric Tides. Masterminded by two of the freshest voices in new ...


Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada: El Ni

Read "El Ni" reviewed by Ernest Barteldes

In this welcome pseudo-soundtrack, Latin percussion and woodwinds meet electronica, conventional instruments and other sounds to create a unique mix that explores various moods. In one instance, you have '70s-inspired funk with a salsa-ish backbeat that lends itself to a lot of improvised moments on saxophone and flute. In another, you have a dreamy ambient soundscape ...


Thievery Corporation: Versions

Read "Versions" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Thievery Corporation Versions Eighteenth Street Lounge Music (2006) Valutazione: 3,5 stelle Che i Thievery Corporation funzionino meglio quando mettono mano al lavoro altrui è una di quelle verità che si dicono un po' a mezza bocca per non sembrare banali, ma che alla fine sembrano abbastanza evidenti. Senza raggiungere le vette del loro celebrato Dj Kicks, anche in anni più recenti ...


Ursula 1000: Ursadelica

Read "Ursadelica" reviewed by AAJ Staff

If you look back in time at Ursula 1000 album covers , you'll see a host of retro femme fatales in the action. The new one, Ursadelica, reveals just her hands, but the meat sandwiched between the headphones she's holding is fetching just the same. Turn it over and the hand with the plug literally demands ...


Thievery Corporation: The Outernational Sound

Read "The Outernational Sound" reviewed by AAJ Staff

In the ideal world, a collection of mixed tracks on disc should resemble something a DJ would put together on air or at a party. It needs flow, it needs balance, and it needs variety. Having spent time doing radio, I can speak for the importance of the big picture when assembling material from diverse sources.


Federico Aubele: Gran Hotel Buenos Aires

Read "Gran Hotel Buenos Aires" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Argentinian electronic musician Federico Aubele made a wise choice when he first approached Rob Garza and Eric Hilton with a demo. The twin heads of Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, also collectively known as Thievery Corporation, saw something of themselves in his work. It's a fusion of music without boundaries, beat-driven without once falling into cliche, carried ...


The Karminsky Experience: The Power of Suggestion

Read "The Power of Suggestion" reviewed by AAJ Staff

For those who need boxes to check for their music, The Power of Suggestion is somewhere between downtempo, lounge, and soundtrack. With those trivialities dispensed with, here's the scoop on the music. Producers Martin Dingle and James Nunns have released two EPs since they teamed up as the Karminsky Experience in 1991 and formed their own ...