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Dan Faulk: The Dan Faulk Songbook,Vol.1

Read "The Dan Faulk Songbook,Vol.1" reviewed by Michael P. Gladstone

Dan Faulk falls into the same sure-footed category as saxophonists like Javon Jackson and Bon Braden who recorded frequently during the '90s alongside other while maintaining their own individual careers. Unlike the other two, Faulk has only recorded three albums under his own name. He has recorded on countless sessions as a member of groups led ...


Dan Faulk: Dan Faulk Songbook, Vol.1

Read "Dan Faulk Songbook, Vol.1" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

A deep appreciation of jazz lies in the intricacies of listening. Dan Faulk’s Songbook would appear as just another post bop saxophone recording. While this is in part true, a closer listen to the fine print reveals maturity, poise and a singular voice.

Faulk has recorded and played alongside jazz legends J.J. Johnson and Wayne Shorter, ...