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Raoul van de Weide: Passages (contrebasse-solo)

Read "Passages (contrebasse-solo)" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Passages... passaggi. Luogo, limite, valico, oltre il quale si va, si prosegue, ci si inoltra. Cambiamento. E’ bene chiarire che nessuno mette in dubbio le capacità tecniche ed artistiche del musicista olandese, ma è altrettanto importante fare notare che questa produzione solleva necessariamente alcuni interrogativi, che si snocciolano proprio nel segno di quella che possiamo definire l’essenza dell’estetica e prassi ...


Guus Janssen: Hollywood O.K. Pieces

Read "Hollywood O.K. Pieces" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

If there is one word that could be used to describe Guus Janssen, it would be fluid. This trait occurs in his bands, in the arrangements of his tunes and in his constantly evolving music. Janssen works within a framework that embraces melody. He then fleshes it with arrangements that make optimum use of the instruments, ...


Sound-Lee!: Plays the Music Of Lee Konitz

Read "Plays the Music Of Lee Konitz" reviewed by Mark Corroto

The Dutch piano trio led by Guss Jenssen adds alto saxophonist and countryman Jorrit Dijkstra for this tribute to Lee Konitz. Actually, to be precise, this is a tribute to the music of Lee Konitz.

Not the Lee Konitz of this century, with his polished elder statesman tone, nor the cool leanings of his collaborations with ...


Sound-Lee!: Plays the Music of Lee Konitz

Read "Plays the Music of Lee Konitz" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

The recent past has witnessed a spate of tribute albums, many with little heart and no soul. Now comes another, all the way from Holland. This one stands tall, propped by a band that does not wallow in flattery but brings in enough fresh ideas to make listening a rewarding experience. Forgive them for calling themselves ...