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Kyle Bruckmann's Degradient: Dear Everyone

Read "Dear Everyone" reviewed by Giuseppe Segala

Diceva Luciano Berio nel 1974, a proposito della ricerca di “analogie specifiche" tra linguaggio verbale e musica, che “proprio questo tipo di ricerca è un altro modo di vivere una delle condizioni più reali e permanenti della musica, che è quella di rincorrere senza sosta un'utopia di linguaggio," per “scoprire nuove e provvisorie relazioni tra suono ...


Rova Saxophone Quartet: Steve Lacy’s Saxophone Special Revisited

Read "Steve Lacy’s Saxophone Special Revisited" reviewed by Mark Corroto

If you own a copy of the original Saxophone Special (Emanem, 1975), flip the LP over to view a photocopy of Steve Lacy's original notebook (with spiral binding) score of the compositions “Staples," “Swishes," and “Snaps." This is all music he performed at Wigmore Hall in London in December 1974 in a saxophone quartet that included ...


Troy Collins' Best Releases of 2014

Read "Troy Collins' Best Releases of 2014" reviewed by Troy Collins

Considering the quantity of recordings released in a year's time, attempting to compile an end of the year list mentioning every first-rate session would be difficult at best. The ten titles included below are among the most exceptional new jazz albums I've heard in 2014.

Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack
...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire ...


Andrew Raffo Dewar: Interactions Quartet

Read "Interactions Quartet" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Composer, ethnomusicologist, educator and saxophonist Andrew Raffo Dewar studied and worked with some of the most forward-thinking and innovative musicians and composers such as Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton, Bill Dixon and Alvin Lucier. So it is only natural that his work expands on their compositional ideas and focuses on invented forms, experimenting with new sounds and ...


Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack: …Awaits Silent Tristero’s Empire

Read "…Awaits Silent Tristero’s Empire" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Quarantatre anni, un po' chicagoano e un po' californiano, Kyle Bruckmann conferma in questo suo nuovo lavoro quanto sia per lui irrinunciabile tenere il piede in più scarpe. A suo tempo intruppato come fisarmonicista e tastierista in una “sgangherata rock band" (la definizione non è nostra) come i Lozenge, Bruckmann se n'è poi venuto fuori -fra ...


Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack: ...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire

Read "...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire" reviewed by Troy Collins

...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire is an epic four-part suite based on the fictitious songs found scattered throughout celebrated author Thomas Pynchon's early novels V., The Crying of Lot 49, and Gravity's Rainbow. Oboist Kyle Bruckmann conceived this post-modern “musical phantasmagoria" as the first long-form composition written for Wrack, his experimental chamber jazz ensemble, employing an expanded ...


Kyle Bruckmann: On Procedural Grounds

Read "On Procedural Grounds" reviewed by Troy Collins

One of the most common methodologies embraced by the current generation of creative improvising musicians is polystylism--a seamlessly ingrained aesthetic sensibility that transcends the stylized post-modern dilettantism of earlier generations. Bay Area-based oboist Kyle Bruckmann has demonstrated the depth and breadth of this all-inclusive approach in myriad ways, from his art-damaged punk band Lozenge and genre-defying ...


Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack: Cracked Refraction

Read "Cracked Refraction" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Kyle Bruckmann è attivo nella Bay Area come specialista di oboe, compositore raffinato in bilico tra jazz, avanguardia da camera, elettronica, improvvisatore a 360 gradi. È a fianco del trombettista Ernst Karel nel duo EKG, componente del quartetto Lozenge, ma soprattutto leader di questo agguerrito Wrack, quintetto ad alta intensità jazzistica dallo spettro timbrico molto definito (oboe, viola, clarinetti ...


Got Bass Clarinet? Jason Stein Does

Read "Got Bass Clarinet? Jason Stein Does" reviewed by Mark Corroto

In the short history of jazz--only about 110 years--the bass clarinet has had an even shorter existence. Students of Charles Darwin's evolutionary studies might point towards the adaption of the instrument into the new jazz of the 1960s; or perhaps the branch of evolution studies called biogeography might explain that fertile locations spawn growth in the ...


EKG: Electricals

Read "Electricals" reviewed by John Eyles

Electricals is the fourth album by the EKG duo of Kyle Bruckmann and Ernst Karel (EKG stands for the Ernst and Kyle Group). It follows Group (Formed, 2006), their collaboration with Giuseppe Ielasi in which the three integrated analogue electronics and acoustic instruments into a coherent whole, giving the electronics a remarkable feeling of humanity and ...