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Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2018: Part 1

Read "Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2018: Part 1" reviewed by John Kelman

Part 1 | Part 2

2018 Festival International de Jazz de Montréal,
Various Venues,
Montréal, Canada
June 29-July 3, 2018

Every return to Montréal for the city's annual Festival International de Jazz de Montréal is much-anticipated. Closing off six square blocks in the downtown core is rare enough; but, over ...


Myriam Alter: Crossways

Read "Crossways" reviewed by John Ephland

There's a soulful melancholy to much of this music. Composer/pianist Myriam Alter has created yet another collection of her songs that have the potential to evoke feelings of yearning, sadness and perhaps a deep buried joy with Crossways. Akin to a previous outing on enja, the elegiac Where Is There, Crossways can be heard as a ...

Myriam Alter: Where Is There

Read "Where Is There" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Fin dagli inizi, nel lontano 1971, la Enja Records ha sviluppato un catalogo vario con musicisti come John Scofield e Mal Waldron (suo il primo disco della label tedesca, Black Glory), senza cercare un suono o atmosfere che caratterizzassero l'etichetta. Una filosofia che continua fino adesso con produzioni che spaziano dal jazz piú tradizionale alla world music. La compositrice belga ...


Myriam Alter: If

Read "If" reviewed by Elliott Simon

When read as prose, the song titles on If become a poetic tribute to composer Myriam Alter's idealized concept of “Home.” Ten new compositions make up If and are in part inspired by Ms. Alter’s Judeo-Spanish heritage. The arrangements further expand upon her musical lineage by additionally acknowledging modern jazz and classical while prominently featuring Jewish ...


Myriam Alter: If

Read "If" reviewed by Farrell Lowe

Myriam Alter's latest album is attractive; like radiant sunshine through a winter window, it pulls you gently closer with nuance and charm, then seduces with intelligence, style, and grace. Following the blueprint of her earlier albums, Alter has once again written all of the compositions here. Instead of playing on the album herself, she chose to ...