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Orchestra Baobab: Tribute to Ndouga Dieng

Read "Tribute to Ndouga Dieng" reviewed by Geno Thackara

There's no rule for pinpointing the exact spot where a group goes from group to institution. If you have to ask whether a certain name has reached that point, that probably means the answer is no--but if we're talking about a widely loved ensemble with a 47-year history, it should be a good bet that they've ...


Dawda Jobarteh: Northern Light Gambian Night

Read "Dawda Jobarteh: Northern Light Gambian Night" reviewed by Chris May

Dawda Jobarteh

Northern Light Gambian Night

Sterns Music


As the Gaddafis, Assads, Kim Jongs and other poisoned bloodlines (how long have you got?) remind us, dynastic succession is usually bad news. But in African music, bloodlines are benign: from childhood, a musician learns his art from a family elder ...


Part 19 - Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band: Live

Read "Part 19 - Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band: Live" reviewed by Chris May

Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band


Grigri Discs


Washington, DC-based Chopteeth isn't exactly an Afrobeat band, not all of the time anyway. Fela Kuti pieces figure in its set list, but so do “belle epoque" tunes from Guinea's Le Simandou De Beyla, Senegal's Orchestra Baobab, Congo's Tabu Ley Rochereau and ...


Orchestra Baobab: Made In Dakar

Read "Made In Dakar" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tra le cose più belle successe nella già ricchissima produzione musicale senegalese, il ritorno nel 2002 di un'orchestra importante come l'Orchestra Baobab è stato accolto ovunque con grande entusiasmo, consentendo alla stampa generalista di surfare l'onda lunga del filone “buenavistasocialclub" [le cose sono ben diverse in realtà] e agli appassionati di musica africana di riappropriarsi di una delle ...


Orchestra Baobab: Specialist In All Styles

Read "Specialist In All Styles" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Hot on the heels of the recently reissued 1982 classic Pirate's Choice, the Orchestra Baobab recently re-formed to deliver an update to its signature Afro-Cuban sound. Unlike music of the same name which comes from the diaspora traditions of Cuba, Baobab goes at it the other way around. Whereas traditional Afro-Cuban music reflects the West African ...