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Behind the Lens With Chuck Koton

Read "Behind the Lens With Chuck Koton" reviewed by Chuck Koton

Meet Chuck Koton:
Born into a family of photographers, I began carrying a camera around with me as a teenager. Eventually, I even set up a darkroom in my parents' Bronx apartment.

Around the same time, I began my lifelong love affair with jazz. One night, I came across my older brother's copy ...

Sherman Ferguson's Jazz Union: Welcome to My Vision . . .

Read "Welcome to My Vision . . ." reviewed by Jack Bowers

One need only glance at Sherman Ferguson’s smiling face on the cover of his long-overdue debut as leader of his own quartet to understand that this is a gentleman who thoroughly enjoys his work. Ferguson’s happiness is evident throughout the session, lending it an aura of good-natured camaraderie that enables his companions to simply loosen their ...


Sherman Ferguson: Sherman Ferguson's Jazz Union

Read "Sherman Ferguson's Jazz Union" reviewed by AAJ Staff

This recording has a unique make-up, instrumentally speaking, and it works beautifully. There is an other worldly feel to the tunes that give it a etheral sense. Sherman Ferguson conducts a seminar in the art of percussion on this disc, and as leader has his say in matters. His presence is felt throughout and it adds ...