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Gregg Bendian: Research

Read "Research" reviewed by John Kelman

All-percussion ensemble albums are rare in any genre. Still, by digging deep, it's possible to find exceptional discs like Swiss percussionist Pierre Favre's Singing Drums (ECM, 1984) and, more recently, The New Percussion Group of Amsterdam's Go Between (Summerfold, 2007), proving that percussion needn't be just about the rhythm.

Solo percussion albums are even less common. ...


Gregg Bendian's Trio Pianissimo: Change

Read "Change" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Fondatore e batterista, fra l'altro, del Mahavishnu Project, Gregg Bendian si cimenta questa volta nella difficile arte del piano-trio. Con Steve Hunt al pianoforte e John Lockwood al contrabbasso, il leader ha allestito una formazione brillante ma non originalissima, volta inevitabilmente a richiamare alcuni dei più importanti modelli pianistici del jazz moderno. Sia sul versante compositivo che su quello ...


Gregg Bendian's Trio Pianissimo: Change

Read "Change" reviewed by John Kelman

Building on the deep interaction of Balance--originally released in 1998 but recently reissued by TrueMedia JazzWorks--Change finds Trio Pianissimo continuing to explore, evolve, and integrate percussionist/composer Gregg Bendian's diverse musical interests. While the piano trio represents Bendian's most intimate setting to date, that doesn't mean that Change operates in conventional terms. It is, in fact, a ...

Mahavishnu Project: Phase 2

Read "Mahavishnu Project: Phase 2" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

Mahavishnu Project
Phase Two
Aggregate Music

Being a Mahavishnu Orchestra (MO) cover band is a vastly different undertaking than playing the music of, say, Led Zeppelin or the Grateful Dead. By and large, those who would come to see a band like this (sticking to the first and only worthwhile incarnation) are ...

Mahavishnu Project: Phase 2

Read "Phase 2" reviewed by Walter Kolosky

The Mahavishnu Project considers the music from the original fusion gods, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, to be classical in nature. Therefore it is no surprise to see the band put out another CD that features four of the MO tunes that appeared on its first release, Live Bootleg. After all, a classical repertoire is a classical repertoire. ...


Mahavishnu Project: Mahavishnu Project- Live Bootleg

Read "Mahavishnu Project-  Live Bootleg" reviewed by Walter Kolosky

Over thirty years ago, John McLaughlin and his Mahavishnu Orchestra shocked the jazz and rock music world with their highly volatile electric fusion explosions. Now this music is being reprised by The Mahavishnu Project, a tribute band which recently released a live album. Recorded on tour directly from the house soundboards, Live Bootleg offers a raw, ...


Mahavishnu Project: Live Bootleg

Read "Live Bootleg" reviewed by Todd S. Jenkins

The old soul classic pretty well says it all: “Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby." In this era of repertory projects, from Henry Kaiser and Leo Smith's Yo Miles! to Ken Vandermark's assays of Sun Ra and Albert Ayler, it seems only logical that some die-hard fusion fans would revisit the legacy of John McLaughlin's ...