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Felipe Salles Interconnections Ensemble: The Lullaby Project

Read "The Lullaby Project" reviewed by Jack Bowers

The five profound and picturesque lullabies on Brazilian-born, Massachusetts-based composer-arranger Felipe Salles' new CD, The Lullaby Project, are followed by three tango-inspired themes whose texture mirrors the bright and rhythmic musical landscape of his native country and southern neighbor Argentina. Salles' concepts are brought vividly to life by the nineteen-piece Interconnections Ensemble which has no trouble ...


The Reunion Project: Varanda

Read "Varanda" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

If ever there was a gathering that's true to name and a misnomer, this is it. The Reunion Project isn't a glimpse at a band reformation or a grand comeback statement, but rather an expression of shared experiences, influences, and actions. It's both a look back to earlier times and the dawn of a new adventure. ...


I nuovi orchestratori - 2: Kyle Saulnier - Rob Mazurek

Read "I nuovi orchestratori - 2: Kyle Saulnier - Rob Mazurek" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Parliamo ancora di orchestre e arrangiatori [per leggere la prima puntata di questo approfondimento -clicca qui. Tralasciando per il momento di considerare i contributi più innovativi della scena europea (tra cui spiccano la Vienna Art Orchestra e l'Italian Instabile Orchestra) dopo la stagione del Free la ricerca d'avanguardia statunitense non si è fermata.
Purtroppo ...


Felipe Salles: Ugandan Suite

Read "Ugandan Suite" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Opera che sembra d'altri tempi, alla ricerca di un terzomondismo ancora sufficientemente pulito da non odorare di world music (nell'accezione più amorfa del termine), quella che ci propone il gruppo allargato (anche a un solista della statura di Dave Liebman) del tenorsassofonista (soprattutto) brasiliano (di San Paolo, ma ormai di stanza a New York) Felipe Salles. ...


Felipe Salles: Uganda Suite

Read "Uganda Suite" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

In 2008 saxophonist/composer Felipe Salles offered up the superb South American Suite (Curare Records). The highly rhythmic ode to his home continent seemed a natural for Salles, who hails originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He now moves his focus to the east, across the Atlantic for the gorgeous Ugandan Suite, a collection brimming with surging rhythms ...


Felipe Salles: Departure

Read "Departure" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Ascoltare questo nuovo disco - il quinto da leader- di Felipe Salles e insieme scorrerne la tracklist dà una sensazione quasi contraddittoria: come se l'autore si fosse sforzato di mostrare, attraverso i titoli, la sua formazione al contempo eurocolta e jazzistica. Praticamente ogni brano è dedicato ad un compositore oppure richiama un gesto della musica classica: ...


New World Jazz Composers Octet: Breaking News

Read "Breaking News" reviewed by Edward Blanco

Eight players does not a big band make, but The New World Jazz Composers Octet is a light ensemble offering an assertive sound reminiscent of a big band production. Boasting a cadre of educators and first-rate musicians, the group manages powerful orchestrations employing an exciting horn section, lively percussion and blistering piano work from Tim Ray ...


New World Jazz Composers Octet: Breaking News

Read "Breaking News" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Established in 2000, in the spirit of the Mingus Jazz Workshop, the New World Jazz Composer's Octet sounds more like an orchestra than a group of eight musicians. On its third release, Breaking News, the octet showcases six contemporary composers affiliated with the ensemble.

The music is intricate and well-constructed, with hints of ...


New World Jazz Composers Octet: Breaking News

Read "Breaking News" reviewed by Andrew J. Sammut

The New World Jazz Composers Octet thrives on the old school idea of jazz composition as conduit to great jazz performance, and its third album, Breaking News, puts theory to practice from the outset with Matthew Nicholl's “Poco Picasso." The jutting melodic angles and tightly orchestrated front line arrest on their own merits, while also spurring ...

Blame it on the Bossa Nova: Brazil's Other Musics

Read "Blame it on the Bossa Nova: Brazil's Other Musics" reviewed by Elliott Simon

Jovino Santos Neto & Weber Iago

Live at Caramoor

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One unfortunate outcome of Brazilian bossa nova's ...