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Mario Marzi, Achille Succi: Bach in Black

Read "Bach in Black" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

"Architetture perfette, musica allo stato puro, dove non contano né gli strumenti né i musicisti, solo l'idea generatrice": con queste parole Mario Marzi conclude le poche note con le quali introduce questo singolare e coraggioso lavoro sulla musica di Johann Sebastian Bach. Parole in parte vere e in parte no, perché se è vero che le ...


MAP: Six Improvisations for Guitar, Bass and Drums

Read "Six Improvisations for Guitar, Bass and Drums" reviewed by Michael A. Parker

This a fresh and valuable document of the current underground avant-garde improvisation scene in New York, offered in minimal, attractive packaging and self-released on a small scale by Tatsuya Nakatani, the most well-known and widely-published musician of the trio. The only time I've heard Mary Halvorson previously was in a performance of MP3, drummer Mike Pride's ...


Mitteleuropa Ensemble: Balkan Project

Read "Balkan Project" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

This Milan, Italy based ensemble have been around since 1988. Here, they fuse Balkan stylizations with Klezmer and slight traces of baroque. Yet, the musicians' hearts and motivations lie within modern jazz frameworks. On this fine release, the sextet receives strong support from the guest musicians who comprise the “Rhapsodua Trio. As they render an artful ...