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Miami Saxophone Quartet: Fourtified

Read "Fourtified" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Before even blowing a note, the Miami Saxophone Quartet has earned bonus points by doing something other such groups would be wise to emulate: it has added a rhythm section (at least on three of Fourtified's nine tracks). There's even a second quartet--viola, cello, two violins--on the aptly named three-movement “Jazz Suite for Double Quartet," Latin ...


Miami Saxophone Quartet Releases New CD

Miami Saxophone Quartet Releases New CD

A new release from one of the genre's most polished ensembles! The Miami Saxophone Quartet's latest CD, Fourtified, offers up yet another collection of strikingly original compositions and arrangements, this time utilizing all varieties of accompaniment, including percussion, drums, bass, piano, guitar, synthesizers, even a string quartet. Alto saxophonist Gary Lindsay contributes three arrangements: two Brubeck ...


Miami Saxophone Quartet: Midnight Rumba

Read "Midnight Rumba" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Several things help set the Miami Saxophone Quartet apart from comparable groups: one, the brilliantly textured charts, most of them written by Ed Calle or Gary Lindsay; two, the emphasis on Latin and Hispanic motifs and melodies, epitomized by Calle's three-movement Iberia Suite; and three, the use of percussion on three selections, guest artist Arturo Sandoval ...


Miami Saxophone Quartet: Take Four Giants Steps

Read "Take Four Giants Steps" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

For saxophone aficionados there is nothing quite as enjoyable as the pure sound of a harmonious reed ensemble. Hearkening to the days when big bands roamed the jazz scene and swing was more synonymous with Duke Ellington, and Benny Goodman; the enormous sound of the saxophone quartet was and still is a thing of uniqueness and ...


Miami Saxophone Quartet: Live

Read "Live" reviewed by Michael P. Gladstone

Nowadays it seems that jazz ensemble saxophone playing is thought of as part of either the marching brass band tradition or the avant-garde. Listening to the Miami Saxophone Quartet reminds me of a truncated version of Supersax. Although the latter group was a five sax unit augmented by trumpet and rhythm that specialized in performing the ...