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15 Emerging Norwegian Jazz Musicians You Need To Know About

Read "15 Emerging Norwegian Jazz Musicians You Need To Know About" reviewed by Luca Vitali

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Far too many people talk about the Norwegian scene as being “interesting because it's so exotic." Those who think so, have in mind its “Nordic Tone," that distinctive mood which evokes snow, mountains and icy fjords. This kind ...


Enjoy Jazz Festival, Days 1-3: November 8-10, 2010

Read "Enjoy Jazz Festival, Days 1-3: November 8-10, 2010" reviewed by John Kelman

Days 1-3 | Days 4-6
Enjoy Jazz Festival
Mannheim/Heidelberg/Ludwigshafen, Germany
November 8-13, 2010

The pitfall of covering a number of festivals back-to-back is there's always the chance that a flight will be delayed, which means a missed train, which means arriving late at the next stop, and rather than having the opportunity to ...

Wibutee: Playmachine

Read "Playmachine" reviewed by Chris May

Norwegian quartet Wibutee's third album for Bugge Wesseltoft's Jazzland label is a (micro)chip off the new block, as the group continues its exploration of electronica, jazz, and backbeat-driven rhythm.

In the main, we're dealing with grooves here--some of them chilled, some of them urgent--and what improvisation there is, most of it coming from Haron ...

Wibutee: Eight Domestic Challenges

Read "Eight Domestic Challenges" reviewed by John Eyles

Jazzland Records has really hit its stride with recent releases. Just as the most distinctive labels (such as Blue Note or ECM) not only have a recognisable sound but also their own unique style, so Jazzland has now developed a look that matches the music. Its design and graphic style is now simultaneously cool, modern and ...