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Band Ambition: Sherrie Maricle and Diva

Read "Band Ambition: Sherrie Maricle and Diva" reviewed by Richard J Salvucci

In the iconic photo A Great Day in Harlem (1958), bandleader and pianist Count Basie has taken a seat on the curb. Eleven neighborhood kids and one ringer, Taft Jordan Jr, are seated single file to Basie's right. Marian McPartland and Mary Lou Williams stand behind the kids, chatting. They are bookended, appropriately, by Oscar Pettiford ...


Frank Sinatra: New York

Read "Frank Sinatra: New York" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Frank Sinatra
Sinatra: New York

The true icons of American music, and there are only a few, include Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra. Their art changed the way we listen to music, and probably more important, their personal style made a deep impression on ...


Skitch Henderson: Skitch Henderson: Swinging With Strings

Read "Skitch Henderson: Swinging With Strings" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Bounce, tap, stomp, slap, wiggle, giggle, snap—whatever it is you do when you hear music that makes you move, it will happen when you’ve got Skitch Henderson: Swinging With Strings in the CD player. Backed by a small yet potent army of violinists and Arbors regulars, the album is a great collection of catchy new tunes ...