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Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble: Atwood Suites

Read "Atwood Suites" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

Andrew Rathbun is a Canadian saxophonist who has made a major musical statement here with this collection of suites, two of which are based on the poetry of author Margaret Atwood. Rathbun's writing shows the influence of another Canadian, Kenny Wheeler, in its lush sonority, the frequent gorgeous flugelhorn solos by Tim Hagans and the role ...


Andrew Rathbun: Atwood Suites

Read "Atwood Suites" reviewed by Paul Rauch

The mingling of jazz music and poetry is not a new concept. It has always been an amiable, yet at times, uncomfortable fit. From a verse standpoint, it is in many ways liberating. While most vocalized lyrics and spoken word forms rely on rhyme to speak to cadence and rhythm, free verse poetry liberates the narrative ...

Andrew Rathbun: Atwood Suites

Read "Atwood Suites" reviewed by Friedrich Kunzmann

In a way, the Atwood Suites have been in the works for almost two decades. When Kenny Wheeler approached Toronto native Andrew Rathbun in search for a band in 2001, the former furthermore inquired if the latter would like a composition of his own penning to be performed beside Wheeler's “Suite Time Suite." Consequently, the “Power ...

Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble: Atwood Suites

Read "Atwood Suites" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The marriage between jazz and poetry is having a true moment in the present artistic sphere. The two have long mixed and mingled, oft proving sympathetic and symbiotic in their multidirectional moves, unique cadences, and improvisational capacities. But never before has the connection been so strong and centralized. With drummer Matt Wilson's triumphant encounter with the ...


Gilmore Keyboard Festival

Read "Gilmore Keyboard Festival" reviewed by John Ephland

Gilmore Keyboard Festival
Kalamazoo, Michigan
April 25 to May 12, 2018

Thursday night is always the second night of the biennial Gilmore Keyboard Festival. Thursday night is also the first night for jazz, the festival putatively a classical music rollout with jazz confections, albeit well-considered, strewn throughout this 22-day cultural jewel based ...


Jeremy Siskind: Housewarming

Read "Housewarming" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Si apre con un'incantevole versione di “Whispering Grass" -una ballad degli anni '40 di Fred e Doris Fisher ripescata dal magazzino dei ricordi -il nuovo disco di Jeremy Siskind in trio con la cantante Nancy Harms e il talentoso multistrumentista Lucas Pino. Non potrebbe esserci migliore introduzione per questa formazione, che ha già dato più di ...

Basak Yavuz, David Liebman, Peter Eldridge: Things...

Read "Things..." reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Una giovane professionista turca -architetto di successo--appassionata di Norma Winstone ed Helen Merrill, va negli stati Uniti, si diploma alla Manhattan School Of Music e conquista la stima dei suoi docenti che accettano di sostenerla nel debutto discografico.
Questa è, in breve, la genesi del disco di Basak Yavuz, un'originale vocalist e autrice che ...


Brooklyn Jazz Underground: A Trio of Hits

Read "Brooklyn Jazz Underground: A Trio of Hits" reviewed by Franz A. Matzner

Modern jazz has a problem. And Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records' recent slate of releases illustrates the growing dilemma: a surfeit of excellence.

Across the spectrum, artists are innovating at such a high level and plumbing the depths of musical expression with such regularity that it's hard to keep pace (or avoid hyperbole). Jazz's aperture ...


Jeremy Siskind: Finger-Songwriter

Read "Finger-Songwriter" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

A due anni dal cd d'esordio Simple Songs, Jeremy Siskind conferma le coordinate di fondo della sua estetica in un quadro espressivo più organico e maturo. In questo lavoro ritroviamo la propensione verso climi cantabili, spesso coniugati alla forma canzone ma il progetto è finalmente coerente e caratterizzato da reminiscenze tradizionali (il jazz pre-boppistico, il song da film-noir). Una relazione ...


BJURecords To Release New CD From Pianist/composer Jeremy Siskind

BJURecords To Release New CD From Pianist/composer Jeremy Siskind

BROOKLYN JAZZ UNDERGROUND RECORDS To Release FINGER-SONGWRITER The Sophomore Recording From Pianist/Composer JEREMY SISKIND Available May 15 FINGER-SONGWRITER features: Jeremy Siskind (piano, compositions), Nancy Harms (vocals) and Lucas Pino (woodwinds) UPCOMING EVENTS: May 30 @ 8:00 PM - Jeremy Siskind Solo Recital at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall, performing works by Debussy, Michael Jackson, and music from Finger-Songwriter, 881 7th Ave, NYC Every ...