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Wolfgang Haffner: Heart of the Matter

Read "Heart of the Matter" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

In Heart of the Matter Wolfgang Haffner con leggerezza confeziona una musica fra smooth e nujazz. Molto gli ospiti presenti, tra i quali il famoso baritono Thomas Quastoff con un breve intervento su Melodia del viento, il percussionista e cantante Shovell in Luna e il più noto trombettista tedesco Till Brönner su Here's to Life. Haffner sembra ...


James Choice Orchestra: Live At Moers

Read "Live At Moers" reviewed by Nic Jones

Arguably one of the first concerns arising from any 23-piece ensemble is the sheer number of participants. In the case of the James Choice Orchestra, however, the issue of unwieldiness doesn't arise. The depth of compositional touch is such that it surmounts such a problem and the result is music of great variety and timbre.


Wolfgang Fuchs - Thomas Lehn - Fabrizio Spera: Lingua

Read "Lingua" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

This newly released production features a compilation of live material recorded by multi-woodwind ace, Wolfgang Fuchs and notable proponent of the analogue synthesizer, Thomas Lehn along with Italian drummer/electronics performer, Fabrizio Spera. Essentially, these revered experimentalists embark upon a series of slippery themes, that weave in and out of existence amid multi-layered three-way dialogue consisting of ...