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The Musical Meetings of Dom Minasi with Michael Jefry Stevens and Hans Tammen

Read "The Musical Meetings of Dom Minasi with Michael Jefry Stevens and Hans Tammen" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Guitarist Dom Minasi is an innovative, searching musician that needs no introduction. His two new intimate duo albums feature him in two completely different situations: one playful and emphatic,one experimental and challenging. He excels on both, demonstrating again and again his consummate command of his instrument and the improvised form of his art.



Hans Tammen / Denman Maroney: Arson

Read "Arson" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Hyper-pianist Denman Maroney, known for his ongoing collaborations featuring double bass master Mark Dresser with the experimental sound artist and conceptual explorer of the so- called “endangered guitar" Hans Tammen, have been working together since 1998 as a duo and in other formations. Unfortunately, until now the innovative work of this unique duo was documented only ...


Hans Tammen: Third Eye Orchestra

Read "Third Eye Orchestra" reviewed by Marc Medwin

This is a stunning live recording from one of improvised music's most fascinating proponents. Hans Tammen has gathered a dream team of 13 improvising musicians, but that's hardly the totality of this project, which combines composed material with extemporization to create a score whose modus operandi is constant change on every level.

This is ...


Hans Tammen Third Eye Orchestra: Hans Tammen Third Eye Orchestra

Read "Hans Tammen Third Eye Orchestra" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

In jazz circles, New York is known for cultivating the sounds of the cutting edge; club Roulette has shown a particular seismographic ability to know what's happening at the fringes of jazz. If anything, the release of Hans Tammen Third Eye Orchestra underlines this with striking clarity.

An innovative avant-garde guitar guru, Hans Tammen is mostly ...


Hans Tammen's Third Eye Orchestra Released on Innova

Hans Tammen's Third Eye Orchestra Released on Innova

In 2006 thirteen of the most virtuosic New York instrumentalists to ever elude labels or boundaries came together at Roulette for an evening length performance to perform Hans Tammen's THIRD EYE ORCHESTRA. Not your usual “orchestra”, this musical vision takes the form of structured spontaneity cued live by the composer.

In this ...


Hans Tammen - Alfred 23 Harth - Chris Dahlgren - Jay Rosen: Expedition

Read "Expedition" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Può la completa libertà d’espressione trasformarsi paradossalmente in un vincolo limitante? È possibile che l’estenuate ricerca della radicalità e dell’originalità nell’improvvisazione sia divenuta uno stereotipo? Che la destrutturazione del linguaggio musicale sia giunta ad un punto di non ritorno, o meglio, ad un punto di saturazione naturale? Forse non c’è soluzione univoca o verità assoluta che possa rispondere alle ...