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Rachel Unthank & The Winterset: The Bairns

Read "Rachel Unthank & The Winterset: The Bairns" reviewed by John Kelman

Rachel Unthank & The Winterset The BairnsRabble Rousser2007 Before they became simply The Unthanks they were Rachel Unthank & The Winterset. Today's Rediscovery is the first album I ever heard by this extraordinary British chamber folk group...but it would not be the last. The group's second album after its 2005 Rabble ...


Graham Bond: Wading in Murky Waters

Read "Graham Bond: Wading in Murky Waters" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Organist and saxophonist Graham Bond was the most important and influential musical pioneer to emerge from British jazz in the 1960s. High praise indeed, but in his case it is warranted. His legacy might be defined less by the music he recorded and more by the impact he had on subsequent generations of musicians. However, that ...


Matching Mole: Little Red Record – Extended Version

Read "Little Red Record – Extended Version" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

L'etichetta discografica Esoteric ci prepara una sorpresa davvero succulenta e, in occasione della ristampa del secondo album dei Matching Mole in extended version, aggiunge un CD supplementare che comprende alternate takes di alcuni brani e registrazioni dal vivo effettuate nell'estate del 1972 per la BBC. La musica del quartetto ruota attorno alla batteria di Robert Wyatt, ...

MoonJune Records: A Decade of Progressive Rock Documentation

Read "MoonJune Records: A  Decade of Progressive Rock Documentation" reviewed by Mark Redlefsen

On a moon of this past June, appropriately enough, Leonardo Pavkovic, owner of the progressive jazz label MoonJune Records, gave All About Jazz an interview at the label's office in Union Square, New York City. The name MoonJune Records, which Pavkovic started back in 2001, is taken from the title of a song, “Moon In June," ...


Matching Mole: On The Radio (A BBC Recording)

Read "On The Radio (A BBC Recording)" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Le gemme nascoste negli archivi della BBC continuano a stupirci. E in questo caso sono davvero gemme di primissima qualità. I Matching Mole guidati da Robert Wyatt dimostrano di essere in gran spolvero in questi concerti radiofonici registrati fra metà gennaio e fine luglio del 1972 per quattro sedute coordinate principalmente dal mitico dj inglese John ...


Matching Mole: On the Radio

Read "On the Radio" reviewed by John Kelman

Matching Mole may have lasted just under a year when it surfaced 35 years ago, but public interest in drummer/vocalist Robert Wyatt's first post-Soft Machine project continues to be strong. On the Radio isn't the first archival live release, and nearly three-quarters of the material was previously available, but only for a short time. This remastered ...


Matching Mole: March

Read "March" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Drummer/vocalist Robert Wyatt formed this band, soon after his departure from the now legendary Soft Machine aggregation. With only two albums under its belt, Matching Mole disbanded in 1972, whereas Cuneiform Records has furthered its legacy due to the 2001 release titled Smoke Signals. This outing follows suit so to speak, as the label resurrects additional ...


Matching Mole: Smoke Signals

Read "Smoke Signals" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Ardent fans of the oft fabled British Canterbury school of progressive music should welcome this new release by a band whose sole recorded output resulted in two acclaimed 1972 recordings. Thus, the name “Matching Mole” was derived from the French translation of the great British band, “Soft Machine” (machine molle), although in 1971 drummer Robert Wyatt ...


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