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Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts: Hang Time

Read "Hang Time" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Hang Time consists of music written and performed by two student ensembles at the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts: Group Giz, an octet directed by trumpeter Greg Gisbert, and Group Gunn, a septet presided over by pianist Eric Gunnison. The CCJA is a non-profit organization “dedicated to empowering youth to creatively express themselves through the ...


Sonic Liberation Front: Sonic Liberation Front meets Sunny Murray

Read "Sonic Liberation Front meets Sunny Murray" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

L'incontro tra Sunny Murray e Sonic Liberation Front avviene per errore, anzi per un errore. Nel lontano 1985 il grande batterista e alfiere del free jazz cerca di contattare telefonicamente il vibrafonista Khan Jamal ma sbaglia a digitare una cifra. All'altro capo del telefono risponde Kevin Diehl, futuro leader del Sonic Liberation Front. Nasce così un'amicizia che dura ...

Sonic Liberation Front: Meets Sunny Murray

Read "Meets Sunny Murray" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Sonic Liberation Front--the inheritors of both Sun Ra and the Art Ensemble of Chicago's traditions--teams up with jazz legend, drummer Sunny Murray, to create both a studio and live recording. The music continues SLF's dedicated effort to mine the percussive traditions of Afro-Cuban, Yoruba/West Africa, and American-fostered free jazz.

The percussion-heavy band's previous release, ...


Sonic Liberation Front: Change Over Time

Read "Change Over Time" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Twelve musicians play in the Sonic Liberation Front on Change Over Time, but only three appeared on the group's previous release, 2004's critically acclaimed Ashe a Go- Go, including musical directors Kevin Diehl and Chuckie Joseph. As you would expect from a band led by drummers, the music leads with an African/Cuban/Caribbean percussive attack that reminds ...


Sonic Liberation Front: Change Over Time

Read "Change Over Time" reviewed by Nic Jones

There are a lot of elements to this music--too many, in fact--and they gel only intermittently. Percussion workouts, vocals, the overt use of Pan-African music, and horn solos all vie for attention, but after a few listens, many of them just seem to fade into the background.

The programme starts well enough with “The Next Thing ...

Sonic Liberation Front: Ash

Read "Ash" reviewed by Brian P. Lonergan

At Satalla in late January, Sonic Liberation Front delivered a rousing set that was representative (almost song-for-song) of the group's new album, Ashé A Go-Go. Their second release since forming in 2000, Ashé continues the Front's compelling combination of Afro-Cuban batá drumming from the Nigerian Yoruba tradition with angular horn melodies in the style of Ornette ...


Sonic Liberation Front: Ash

Read "Ash" reviewed by John Kelman

Sonic Liberation Front, led by percussionist Kevin Diehl, straddles the space between Afro-Cuban music and free jazz. The music on the group's second release, Ashé a Go-Go , is filled with infectious primitive rhythms, but what Diehl layers over those beats is another beast entirely. Utilizing an up to four-piece horn section over the percussion and ...

Sonic Liberation Front: Ash

Read "Ash" reviewed by AAJ Staff

To the Yoruba people of West Africa (and their Cuban relations in the new world), the very spirit of existence is a primordial life force known as Ashé. Together with a group known as the Sonic Liberation Front, drummer Kevin Diehl has very consciously tapped into this energy. The group's first record, 2001's Water and Stone ...

Sonic Liberation Front: Water and Stone

Read "Water and Stone" reviewed by AAJ Staff

With its fist of power, the Sonic Liberation Front asserts freedom from authority. While the group's icon might suggest some kind of militant defiance, their approach is really much more positive and focused at heart. Drummer Kevin Diehl's group brings together a variety of approaches: from interlaced Afro-Cuban percussion, to African-American swing and free jazz traditions, ...