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Anna Kolchina

Anna Kolchina's mellow seductive voice has been heard around the world. Born in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan and graduate of the St. Petersburg State University of Cultural Arts, Anna has since performed and recorded with world class musicians from Russia, Europe and USA. In 2015, Anna's debut album “Street of Dreams” was recorded with the world famous Italian jazz pianist Massimo Farao's trio in Turin, Italy. She signed under Japan based jazz label, Venus Records. Venus Records is one of the largest and respected jazz label, which is adored by many audiophiles around the world


Anna Kolchina: Wild Is The Wind

Read "Wild Is The Wind" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Anna Kolchina's debut Wild is the Wind is a masterclass in ensemble performance. Backed by pianist John Di Martino, bassist Peter Washington, and drummer Willie Jones, Kolchina is more an equal quartet member than a singer backed by a trio. This is experienced immediately on the title piece, where Kolchina's delicately-played voice peeks out from behind ...


Alexis Cole with One For All: You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Read "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Vocalist Alexis Cole hasn't found a setting or theme that doesn't suit her. Since arriving on the scene near the turn of the century she's covered a tremendous amount of ground and delivered a good number of well-conceived and beautifully executed albums. Cole teamed up with dozens of A-listers for a charitably-driven Christmas outing, explored the ...


Sharel Cassity: Manhattan Romance

Read "Manhattan Romance" reviewed by Tom Pierce

Since she relocated to New York City in 1999, the steadily building career of this Oklahoma native includes a Bachelor's from the New School and a Master's at Juilliard. Sharel Cassity studied under a number of renowned saxophonists and recorded two CDs. The second, Relentless (Jazz Legacy, 2009), received a 4-star review in Downbeat, whose Critics ...


Alexis Cole: Someday My Prince Will Come

Read "Someday My Prince Will Come" reviewed by Ernest Barteldes

Music from Disney films and cartoons has often drifted into jazz thanks to its rich harmonies and evergreen quality, but it is not every day that a vocalist makes an entire CD with personal renditions of these popular tunes.

Such is the case of Alexis Cole's Someday My Prince Will Come, which features a ...


Champian Fulton: Sometimes I'm Happy

Read "Sometimes I'm Happy" reviewed by Ken Dryden

The daughter of jazz trumpeter Stephen Fulton, Champian Fulton had plenty of early exposure to the music through her father. She began piano lessons at the age of five and as she grew interested in singing as well, she began accompanying herself.

Fulton is a refreshing change from many of the singing jazz pianists ...


Stefano Bollani: Falando de amor

Read "Falando de amor" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Inciso sei anni fa ma distribuito solo nel mercato giapponese, Falando de amor è stato pubblicato oggi in Europa per la gioia dei numerosi fan di Stefano Bollani. Come suggerisce il titolo, è il tema dell'amore la linea guida di un percorso che ricalca la jazzificazione pianistica della bossa nova, operata negli anni '60 da Oscar Peterson ed ...


Renato Sellani Trio: My Foolish Heart

Read "My Foolish Heart" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Alla guida del suo collaudato trio con il fido Massimo Moriconi e il solido Massimo Manzi, l'ottantaduenne Renato Sellani, uno dei decani del jazz italiano, sforna un ennesimo gioiello su un classicissimo repertorio di standard, facendo appello a tutta la sua classe ed esperienza. Il lavoro, destinato al mercato giapponese e “classico" anche nella copertina con nudo femminile, vede ...


Tessa Souter: Nights of Key Largo

Read "Nights of Key Largo" reviewed by Suzanne Lorge

Tessa Souter excels at creating mood and on her new CD, Nights of Key Largo, that mood is one of a relaxed intimacy: She never strains to emote, never pushes a note, never rushes a phrase. Her material--13 songs about moonlight, sand and romance--lends itself to this kind of laid-back treatment, reminding the listener that there ...

Venus Records

Read "Venus Records" reviewed by Ken Dryden

Venus Records may be sparsely represented in North American record stores, though it has built quite a loyal following among jazz aficionados who frequent online music sources. Tetsuo Hara, the owner and founder of the label, has long been a jazz fan: “When I was a very young man, I listened to many 78-rpm records that ...