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Ivo Perelman: Strings 1

Read "Strings 1" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Strings 1 and Strings 2 are concurrent releases--the first of seven themed albums--that also could have been subtitled “The Art of Improvisation," hearkening back to tenor sax titan Ivo Perelman's 6-volume 2016 releases, featuring longtime collaborator, cellist Mat Maneri and others. Hence, the cellist appears on both of these new Chamber-like groupings as Strings 2 also ...


Erik Friedlander throws a glass of absinthe, and more new releases

Read "Erik Friedlander throws a glass of absinthe, and more new releases" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

This week Mondo Jazz chats with cellist Erik Friedlander about his latest project inspired by Pablo Picasso's bronze sculpture “Glass of Absinthe." Artemisia--a visually stunning vinyl box set containing musically stunning work--features Uri Caine on piano, Mark Helias on bass and Ches Smith on drums.

And, of course, more new releases!

Playlist ...


2018 New Releases and upcoming concerts

Read "2018 New Releases and upcoming concerts" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

In this episode of Mondo Jazz we preview unreleased music as well as interesting releases that will be published in the coming months. We also look into Swiss, Finnish, and French approaches to quintessentially United Statesian music genres like Hip-Hop, Jazz and Americana, which travelled to Europe and got local. We also feature Darrell Grant's and ...


Traveling (Part 2)

Read "Traveling (Part 2)" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

Jazz and Travel... what a natural fit!

In this installment of Mondo Jazz we continue exploring music that was inspired by the relentless travels that jazz musicians have to endure in order to share their music with their audiences, their departures and arrivals, their discoveries, adventures and misadventures using trains and planes and the ...


Ton-Klami: Prophecy Of Nue

Read "Prophecy Of Nue" reviewed by John Sharpe

Another installment in the No Business Records series of unreleased Chap Chap label recordings licensed from Japan provides a fascinating glimpse of an unfamiliar soundworld. Prophecy Of Nue features the long lived group Ton-Klami live in concert in 1995. The band member best known in the West might be pianist Masahiko Satoh, who has recorded with ...


Ned Rothenberg, Hamid Drake: Full Circle – Live in Lodz

Read "Full Circle – Live in Lodz" reviewed by Giuseppe Segala

Full Circle--Live in Lodz è parte di un notevole, ghiotto catalogo di documenti registrati dal vivo in Polonia dall'etichetta Fundacja Sluchaj, in cui figura un ampio ventaglio di musicisti che alloggiano nell'empireo del jazz improvvisato contemporaneo. Nel caso di questo CD siamo di fronte all'accoppiata formidabile di Ned Rothenberg e Hamid Drake. Quello che si può ...


Jim Black, Óskar Gudjónsson, Elias Stemeseder, Chris Tordini: Malamute

Read "Malamute" reviewed by Vic Albani

Sembra che il signor Jim Black non sbagli praticamente mai un solo colpo. Il batterista di Seattle, dai primordi accanto a nomi faro quali quelli di Tim Berne, Ned Rothenberg o Dave Douglas e poi alle personali esperienze seminali di Pachora e AlasNoAxis è cresciuto come poche altre figure che nobilitano il movimento musicale del jazz ...

Ned Rothenberg

Read "Ned Rothenberg" reviewed by Paolo Peviani

All About Jazz Italia: Il tratto principale della mia musica.

Ned Rothenberg: L'intimità.

AAJ: La qualità che desidero nei musicisti che suonano con me.

NR: Che abbiano una voce personale.

AAJ: Come musicista, il momento in cui sono stato più felice.

NR: È molto ...


Ned Rothenberg, Mark Feldman, Sylvie Courvoisier: In Cahoots

Read "In Cahoots" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Inciso in studio a Brooklyn nel giugno 2014, questo ragguardevole album fa registrare di fatto l'inserimento di Ned Rothenberg e dei suoi fiati nel rodatissimo duo (anche nel privato, visto che i due sono marito e moglie) formato da Mark Feldman e Sylvie Courvoisier. I risultati, come accennato, sono del tutto degni di nota.


SLM Ensemble: Source

Read "Source" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

SLM is an acronym for Source Liminal Music as well as a tri-consonantal root of of the Hebrew and Arabic words for peace, shalom and salam. It is also the name of a composition of master double bassist Mark Dresser and composer-conductor Sarah Weaver, written for the “Deep Tones for Peace" event in April 2009, a ...