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Ami Yoshida / Toshimaru Nakamura: Soba to Bara

Read "Soba to Bara" reviewed by John Eyles

Over the past decade Japanese Onkyo musicians such as vocalist Ami Yoshida, no-input mixing board player Toshimaru Nakamura, Sachiko M, Taku Unami and Otomo Yoshihide have had a profound effect on improvisers outside Japan, as far away as London, Berlin and USA. Albums by such musicians and their collaborators have been common among the releases from ...


The Magic I.D.: Till My Breath Gives Out

Read "Till My Breath Gives Out" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Semplice, complesso? Volete che dopo anni di commistioni tra songwriting e elettronica qualcuno ci venga a dire qualcosa che ancora non sapevamo? O peggio che ci venga a svelare con lo sguardo sereno di chi non ci può fare nulla, una poesia dannatamente convincente? Possibile? Possibilissimo. Fuori i nomi: i due clarinetti Kai Fagaschinski e Michael Thieke ...


Ami Yoshida / Christof Kurzmann: ASO

Read "ASO" reviewed by John Eyles

Two years in the making, this album arrived at about the same time as First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Quincunx), in which Christof Kurzmann also plays a central role. Comparisons between the two are instructive; both albums feature clarinet, electronics and voice--in the case of the Quincunx album, the recorded voices of Roberta Flack ...


Keith Rowe / Toshimaru Nakamura: Between

Read "Between" reviewed by John Eyles

Although it was released some six months ago, there has been a reluctance to rush into print with judgments of this album. In common with other Erstwhile releases, this is music that takes time to properly percolate into the brain and leave its mark.

Together and separately, Rowe and Nakamura are Erstwhile's most recorded artists and, ...

4g: cloud

Read "4g: cloud" reviewed by John Eyles

4g (four gentlemen of the guitar)




Hmmm... Four gentlemen of the guitar? Whatever sound image that description conjures up in your head, it is probably a long way from the actual music here. Based on immediate aural evidence, one could more easily believe these ...


Thomas Lehn & Gerry Hemingway: Tom & Gerry

Read "Tom & Gerry" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Drummer/composer and noteworthy modern jazz group leader, Gerry Hemingway and synthesizer expert Thomas Lehn take the listener on a sinuous path down dark alley’s and surreal soundscapes on this cleverly articulated 2 CD set, simply titled, Tom & Gerry.

On pieces such as “W2” and “W3” the duo produces enigmatic sounds and temporal themes in this ...


Earl Howard / Denman MAroney: Fire Song

Read "Fire Song" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Fire Song represents yet another intriguing effort brought to us by “Erstwhile Records” as hyperpiano specialist Denman Maroney and alto saxophonist, synth performer Earl Howard match wits in a series of ambitious duets that might spark a glowing light within the listener’s subliminal self. Here, the duo challenges our imaginative powers as Maroney works the innards ...