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Fonnesbaek & Kauflin: Synesthesia

Read "Synesthesia" reviewed by Chris Mosey

Young US pianist Justin Kauflin and Danish bassist Thomas Fonnesbaek share the neurological condition known as synesthesia, in which the senses become mixed. For the two musicians, this means experiencing sounds as colors with their minds' eyes.

They met in jny: Copenhagen for the first time in 2015. Fonnesbaek recalls, “Besides being a ...

The Kandinsky Effect: Synesthesia

Read "Synesthesia" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Divide l'attività tra New York e Parigi il trio Kandinsky Effect, che per l'etichetta Cuneiform dà alle stampe Synesthesia, l'album di debutto nel quale riversano la loro miscela di sonorità acustiche e tessiture elettroniche. Negli unidici brani proposti, i primi piani espressivi sono quasi esclusivamente a favore del sassofonista Warren Walker, il quale mette rivela una predilezione ...

The Kandinsky Effect: Synesthesia

Read "Synesthesia" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

A band whose members hail from the USA and France, a band name taken from that of a Russian painter, a recording studio in Iceland and tune titles that reference an English town ("Brighton"), a Mexican souvenir retailer ("Mexican Gift Shop") and a Danish film director ("Lars Von Trier"). They all give the Kandinsky Effect's second ...

Nick Vayenas: Synesthesia

Read "Synesthesia" reviewed by Greg Camphire

Trombonist and multi-instrumentalist Nick Vayenas unveils a colorful palette of ideas on Synesthesia, his debut as a leader. Vayenas and his band mates chart their own course, albeit one that uses musical maps drawn up by the Herbie Hancock Sextet on such albums as Mwandishi (Warner Bros., 1970) and Sextant (Columbia, 1972), with the resulting path ...


Synesthesia: Synesthesia

Read "Synesthesia" reviewed by Michael Askounes

OK jazz fans, what d'ya get when you cross Canadian culture with Iranian culture? A back bacon kabob? A genie in a beer bottle? A hockey game where the penalty for icing is decapitation? No, sillies... you get acoustic jazz newcomers Synesthesia, and a promising - but not perfect - self-titled debut album full of sonic ...


Chicago Underground Duo: Synesthesia

Read "Synesthesia" reviewed by Derek John

The Chicago Underground Duo, despite its name, is not a shadowy pair of comic book- inspired crime fighters. This dynamic duo has no underground lair and the only thing they're fighting on their new album might be the rigid conventions of the jazz musical establishment.

The group consists of accomplished musicians Rob Mazurek and Chad Taylor. ...

Chicago Underground Duo: Synesthesia

Read "Synesthesia" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Chicago's jazz and new music scene seems free from the heavy peer pressure foisted upon the New York Downtown crowd. Where New York's creative musicians tend toward holding things close to their chests, their Chi-town counter-parts are continually forming new bands, interchanging parts and creating music without the self consciousness and over-examination that goes on at ...