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Brown vs Brown: Twitch and Shout

Read "Twitch and Shout" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Due olandesi, un austriaco ed un finlandese accomunati dalla passione per ogni genere musicale dal black-metal, all’alternative rock, dal free jazz alla musica da film e tutti impegnati nella composizione, sono i componenti di Brown vs. Brown, band assai interessante che si muove nei territori delle commistioni più improbabili e delle trasversalità più ardite. A differenza di Kneebody, colleghi ...


Jim Pepper / Amina Claudine Myers / Anthony Cox / Leopoldo Fleming: Afro Indian Blues

Read "Afro Indian Blues" reviewed by Donald Elfman

It's American roots music in flying colors as four simpatico musicians dig deeply at a 1991 Austrian jazz festival. Native American (Craw) Jim Pepper, African-Americans Amina Claudine Myers and Anthony Cox and Puerto Rican Leopoldo Fleming wowed the audience with “native music--the blues, jazz, Indian and African music that seems all about the passion and power ...

Jim Pepper: Afro Indian Blues

Read "Jim Pepper: Afro Indian Blues" reviewed by Bill Siegel

Amina Claudine Myers & Jim Pepper
Afro Indian Blues
PAO Records

Why now? Why review a recording of a concert that happened fifteen years ago? For one, because it's taken this long for anyone to get around to releasing the performance on CD. But even more importantly, because this ...


Archie Shepp: Tomorrow will be Another Day

Read "Tomorrow will be Another Day" reviewed by Florence Wetzel

Archie Shepp is in fine form on his latest CD, Tomorrow will be Another Day. The New Archie Shepp Quartet is an excellent group composed of Shepp on tenor, soprano and vocals, Amina Claudine Myers on piano and vocals, Cameron Brown on bass and Ronnie Burrage on drums and wave drum. The recording is a nice ...


Adam Pieronczyk: Amusos

Read "Amusos" reviewed by Johannes Voelz

He has released ten CDs under his own name, yet hardly anyone seems to have heard of him in the US. He has played with the most talented musicians of his country, yet international talent scouts have continuously overlooked him. Saxophonist Adam Pieronczyk, to be sure, is one of those well-kept secrets from the jazz periphery ...


Conrad Schrenk Extravaganza: Save the Robots

Read "Save the Robots" reviewed by AAJ Staff

I am always impressed when fusion fans contact me, avidly expounding the virtues of some band or artist I have never heard of, (no folks, I am not omniscient), and I of course say, “Send it on. I’ll have a listen.” And so from Austria, a CD-R arrives, Xeroxed CD liner and all. Conrad Schrenk himself ...