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Mary Halvorson: Meltframe

Read "Meltframe" reviewed by Stefano Merighi

Il primo disco di Mary Halvorson in solo sancisce la piena maturità acquisita dalla chitarrista bostoniana.

Un'artista che folgora immediatamente oppure insospettisce, che appare come un'apprendista sempre in fase di studio oppure come una razionale dispensatrice di finezze da tempo metabolizzate.
Fin dalle prime sortite in trio, o in gruppi più ...


Rodrigo Amado: Wire Quartet

Read "Wire Quartet" reviewed by Mark Corroto

It is possible that Portuguese saxophonist Rodrigo Amado's earlier releases caught your attention because of the names of his playing partners. Chicago trombonist Jeb Bishop recorded two discs with Amado's Motion Trio, The Flame Alphabet (Not Two, 2012) and Burning Live At Jazz AO Centro (JACC Records, 2012). There was also Searching For Adam (Not Two, ...


Take Five With Noel Akchote

Read "Take Five With Noel Akchote" reviewed by Noël Akchoté

Meet Noel Akchote:
Trained from the age of eight, Noel Akchote debuted as a guitarist in 1990. Noel Akochote has collaborated with a wide variety of musicians like Henri Texier, Louis Sclavis, Daniel Humair, Jacques Thollot, Sam Rivers, Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne, Fred Firth, Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, Tim Berne, and George Lewis. Later in ...

Jazz: A Blessed Obsession

Read "Jazz: A Blessed Obsession" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Jazz listeners travel some strange and beautiful paths. It might have all begun with collectors trying to find a legendary Edison cylinder that New Orleans trumpeter Buddy Bolden--some believe to be the very first jazz musician--may (or may not) have recorded in 1904. Fast forward to modern times, a quick scan of eBay and the exorbitant ...


Noël Akchoté, Jean-Marc Foussat and Roger Turner: Acid Rain

Read "Acid Rain" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

This free improvised meeting between prolific French guitarist Noël Akchoté and analog synthesizer wizard Jean-Marc Foussat, and British drummer Roger Turner is unique, and not just because of these experienced improvisers' breadth of the musical language. The trio's collective sound is a multilayered, reflecting on progressive rock in its early experimental days, muscular fusion showoffs and ...


Various Artists: I Never Meta Guitar

Read "I Never Meta Guitar" reviewed by Mark Corroto

There are no fans of the guitar in today's creative music--they are better described as fanatics, or devotees. But then the guitar has always caused listeners to choose sides. I'm a fan of Jimmy Page and you, Pete Townshend--or do you prefer Wes Montgomery to my Jim Hall. John McLaughlin or Pete Cosey? Some of these ...


Noël Akchoté: So Lucky

Read "So Lucky" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Che cos’hanno in comune una sexy reginetta del pop internazionale ed un chitarrista d’avanguardia parigino con un nome pressoché impronunciabile? Proprio nulla. Sennonché, al suddetto chitarrista picchiatello ronza in testa un’idea a dir poco bizzarra: allestire un intero album di cover della bella Kylie Minogue. Detto, fatto. Esce con il prestigioso beneplacito dell’accigliato Stefan Winter questa piccola gemma dal ...


Noel Akchote: Rien

Read "Rien" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Forward thinking guitarist Noel Akchote performs microtonal, electronically induced themes on his latest excursion titled, Rien. With this release, the guitarist enlists the support of computer performer Erik Minkkinen and Andrew Sharpley who handles the sampler and turntable duties. Essentially, these eleven tracks maintain a relatively invariable flow which is evident on pieces such as “Mords”, ...